Where have all the L'Amore gone?

  1. I remember a couple weeks ago (maybe a month?) there were lots of topics about Macy's having L'Amore (along with Pirata & Adios Star) bags on sale. I actually called around to some stores out of my state because the ones in my state don't carry Tokidoki, and they had told me that someone from NY bought a whole bunch just before I made my call. So I've been scouring eBay trying to see if that person had put them up for auction, but it seems that the listings are getting fewer and fewer. This makes me really sad, because the Macy's I had called had a bag with my perfect placement (which is soo hard to get on the style I was after).

    Soo, do you think that's it for L'Amore? I know they won't be going to the outlets :crybaby:but are they still available anywhere else?
  2. hawaii... ><
  3. The Macy's by me still has lots of L'Amore and none of it has gone on sale yet...

  4. SB does your Nordies still have poor lonely Mr. AS Ciao? :graucho:
  5. I've seen bunches of L'amore also... but for some reason all the dolces disappeared when I wanted to buy one! :mad:
  6. Aww, I've seen a couple on eBay & LJ.. they're all above $100 though :sad:

    Thanks guys.. I suppose I'll have to keep looking ;)
  7. DId the lesportsac stores in Hawaii get l'amore? You mean I can maybe get the l'amore bag I want from there? I had no idea.

    Makes note to call tomrrow...
  8. I find it very very ironic that the week before I wanted to collect all dolces that they were going for under $70 shipped and the week I said I wanted to collect them they're all listed above $100 shipped

    Lurkers this isn't the way to do business :smash:
  9. OMG, I forgot! It's funny...I went over there I think the day after we last talked about him...he was gone but there was a different mangy looking AS Ciao there that was obviously a return. This one had a few characters but looked dirty and wrinkly. I left that one there and felt glad that my poor little dude found a home somewhere... :yes:

  10. :yahoo: I'm glad he found a home. I love a happy ending to a poor sad lonely toki story! :nuts:

    Kimm - I haven't seen any L'amore other than in PinkPeony's Collection!! Have you seen her collection it's amazing!!! JapanLa might still have some L'Amore :idea:
  11. Hmmmmmm - Just a few days ago I just purchased a Lamore Nuvola (over retail) from a seller on ebay and they are from ---- you guessed it - New York! And they have just listed another one up for auction today.

    I also just sold my Lamore Bambino at retail on ebay but it went to someone in Florida. I'm glad the NY seller didn't get it to resell it.
  12. Yayy I'm so glad that Mr. Ciao is not still languishing in the sale pile at Nordies! But now there is mangy Ciao, maybe like a lovable stray that comes to your door that you can't resist? :graucho:

    (the Mr. Ciao nickname just makes me LOL, because in LA we have this very exclusive restaurant, Mr. Chow, where all the celebrities go to be seen and get photographed on the way out)
  13. Still looking for 3 more L'AMore pieces myself ... Braccialetto, MM and Corriere. I doubt these are for sale in any dept. stores anymore except for the Braccialetto. Some of you girls are super super nice, informing me whenever a L'Amore Braccialetto pops up on eBay, even giving me heads up before selling theirs. I am truly touched!

    Thanks all and I will keep on l@@king ... and I think Hawaii is my last resort for a Corriere and possibly the MM.
  14. does anyone have the SKU for the L'amore Dolce?
  15. Here you go:

    L'Amore Dolce : 84 3333 020 006