Where have all the Indigo Bags gone?

  1. Why is it, that we cannot find any Indigo Bags anymore.?:yes:
    There was a twiggy recently, but all the ladies hang on to them.
    It must be a very popular color....as far as investment...it would:heart:
    sell really quickly. I want one....but I know...patience is everything:wlae: :love:
    and a Anis and the eggplant etc etc etc etc...more is better.:roflmfao:
  2. Aren't I such a tease? :angel: I was looking at it today in the sunlight and its such a beautiful color. It looks like a gem!
  3. Any more teases Ladies....? Where did they go?:crybaby:
  4. uhh I wish had one tooo!
  5. Beautiful! That's definitely on my list now lol!
  6. wow, i didn't know it was such a vibrant color!
  7. Maybe I'm missing something here, but the Indigo color was from 2005 ... it is not a 2006 (Pre-Spring, Spring, Pre-Fall, Fall/Winter) color. So, you would be having a hard time finding this color ... as it's not made anymore.

    You're best bet is to scour eBay, post your desire here in the PF or check consignment shops. In any event, make sure that you do your research beforehand (www.ateliernaff.com) is a great website to read-up on the "how" to authenticate B-Bags.
  8. Whenever I take pictures of the indigo I think it appears a lot brighter than it really is. I'm not sure why that happens. I take it in natural light and everything! Maybe it's my camera :shrugs:
  9. Alas, she no longer lives with me, but here is a picture that I think captures her true color well.
  10. That is such a lovely color.I just might have to get a indigo b-bag when i decide to make my first b-bag purchase! It's so pretty!:yes:
  11. the indigo in that picture is very close to the blueberry colour! i want an indigo first! but blueberry would do just as good! :idea:
  12. Swiss, I just posted one in the Auctions thread that's on ebay now! :smile:
  13. Thanks yeah, I see it...thanks:yahoo:
  14. ^^^ I think that was ranskimmies bag originally?
  15. I actually had this one;)