Where has your bag been today? PICS!!

  1. what has your bag done today? where has she/he/it been?


    pat, my patent nightingale, waiting in a shopping cart at walgreens...i was waiting for my ride w/my bff :rolleyes:

    she looks kinda sad. she kept complaining all day.
  2. That is so cute.

    My LV Alma spent most of the day at the mall and the spa. She was very happy. :smile:
  3. Today was a complete day of vanity for my white Diorissimo Boston bag.
    We went to the hair salon, then to the spa to get "our" nails done, then to the med spa to get laser and then to Jasmine Sola to pick up a new friend (Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini). We also stopped by at a coffee shop and had some nice bubble tea. I think she had fun especially since my manicurist called her pretty. She is sleeping in my closet as we speak.
  4. yay for bubble tea, shopdoc!! my fave :p

    i have pat again today, we're just here at work...getting ready to open :ninja:
    no idea what is in store for us yet.