Where has this delicious man gone?

  1. ladies,
    Does anyone know what has happened to Jean Marc Barr? He is spectacularly exquisite, just positively divine, what has he done since Le Divorce with kate hudson and naomi watts? He is definitely on my fantasy list of men I would sleep with if I got a pass out from dh!
    Speaking of which, who's on your fantasy list (maximum 3 people, gotta be famous people, not real life people) if your dh/so/partner let you go off just one time?
  2. i love how you say famous, not real life people. :roflmfao:

    for me it's daniel craig, daniel craig and daniel craig.
  3. wow I just blushed thinking of my famous list... Julian Mcmann... and wow thats it. I LOVE him. He plays dr. troy on Nip/tuck.
  4. yeah to that sister...