Where has the RH gone??

  1. This may seem silly but honestly, it seems like the GH is taking over. Is RH still being produced as much? I've been hunting for briefs on eBay and they all have GH, does the brief even come in RH?? I'm really not a fan of the new look as much, can anyone help a RH-girl out?

  2. eBay generally has fakes, oldies, or more au courant bags; the RH is easier to find in places like NM or BalNY.
  3. I am moving this thread to shopping...and reminder, no discussions about eBay unless it is in "authenticate this". Since this thread isn't specifically about ebay but more about where to find RH bbag we'll allow it. Thanks!
  4. Yes, the brief does come in RH. The new "Step" style will *only* be available in RH...so maybe that's Balenciaga's way of saying that they still believe in the RH.

    I know what you mean, though. With so many choices of hardware, I think there's less being produced of every style/color/hardware combo.
  5. sorry lordguinny i totally posted in the wrong forum! thanks for moving my thread!

    fiatflux it just seems like GH is everywhere. the ebay prices for the brief are in my opinion, nuts. i'd rather buy from the boutique if i'm going to pay that much, then again, i want RH! i guess i should keep my eye out for the step as well.. balenciaga should keep us old fashioned girls in mind!
  6. I like the GH but have got enough of it now and think that it is likely to go out of date badly. I also miss my tassels.

    All the UK shops seem to be stocking GH.

    I hope that Balenciaga are going to introduce a new type of H or revert to RH.
  7. i'm with you on this one... it seems all the stores only ordered the GH!

    here's a pix of the step bag in violine in RH:
  8. i hope they keep RH available in all styles, i feel like GH is a trend rather than something that will stick around... then again some may argue that buying into balenciaga in general is a trend :shrugs:

    the step looks AWESOME! i know this bag has it's own thread in the general bal forum, but i'm going to ask this question here anyway- does anyone have the dimensions??

    i'm glad that beauty has RH!