Where has the Luella Fury Boxy gone?

  1. I loved the Luella Fury Boxy bag, it was so cute and cool.

    But now I can't find it ANYWHERE online, not even on Google images?

    Was it limited edition, or something?

  2. I think I know the one you mean! It's totally adorable....

    Is it this one?


    I'm think that it's a F/W 06 bag, though, so maybe the reason you haven't been able to find it is that it isn't in stock at some places yet. Have you tried contacting the Luella website? Net-A-Porter may also be a good bet.
  3. Oh! Also, Intermix in NYC has it available in black for $995..


  4. have a look over our rules prior to posting here again:tdown:
  5. It's on SALE on harrods.com for £249!!!