Where has Emma Hill gone now?

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  1. I think the reason I loved mulberry so much was her designs.... Although I am sure there will be some lovely new bags coming along, and hopefully the quality issues will disappear.

    BUT, I would still love to know where Emma Hill will work next, I'll be keeping an eye open as I don't think it's been announced yet. Unless anyone knows different.......?
  2. Was she not going to Coach? Or am I thinking of someone else...

  3. I thought she was at Coach too
  4. No, she's not at Coach. Stuart Vevers is there. He's a former designer for Mulberry and I think he's the one that designed the Roxanne and the Bayswater!
  5. Just had a quick google and can't find out where she went, though I did read rumours of coach in the articles so I guess that was on the table but never came to fruition.
  6. He did all the best mulberry bags ever...Emma only did Lexie and lily really
  7. Perhaps she's taking some time off this year to spend with her family. She has a young son I think so maybe she wants to spend more time with him! Didn't Phoebe Philo do the same when she had her second child? And then after a break she went to Celine, and we all know what happened... :graucho: ;)
  8. Yes, AND their men's collections were amazing!
  9. I liked the direction Coach was going in with their boutique collection, so I will be interested to see how he goes forward with that. I usually get one when I'm on hols in the US and I might pick up a Borough there later this year.

  10. I really like the borough too :smile: I'd only get one from us because the price is great but there no chance I'll be going before next year!
  11. Me three love the look of that bag......mulberry are going the grungy cara look it seems so not for old fogies like me anymore
  12. Early last year the mini Tanner really caught eye, so many colours and combinations to choose from. I love the tassels, size is perfect and leather looks like leather and not over processed.

    I know its not the 'IT' bag, but still very pretty. I also love it can be carried on the arm or cross body. Currently it's online at Coach for on £245.... I can't even get an M purse for that price right now.
  13. I'm off to New York in December and after you talking about the borough bag thought I'll check it out .:heart: it's beautiful :heart:

    Then just the price of UK -USA and you can get a regular in the USA for the price of a mini in Uk ....

    This has just made my USA shopping list for December
  14. Lucky you!!!! I think it's a stylish bag...bit like mulberry USED to be in e good old days