Where for art thou Chanel 2.55 reissue?

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  1. Yes, I saw one too today at Saks Beverly Hills, so not quite sold out- pretty bag!
  2. It's fabulous!! Enjoy!
  3. I just put her up for sale in the market place ....
    I couldnt sleep last night!!! :sad:
    I feel sooooooooo guilty paying that much on one bag :sad:
    I know I have been crazy over it for so long .. but now that it's in my arms .. I feel that I went crazy!!! :sad:
    Don't shoot me!!
  4. What a pity...I'm sorry:sad: !! I'm sure you made the right decision for yourself though.
    How much did you buy it for?
  5. I bought it for way more than retail .. you know i bought it off ebay so i paid a high price to begin with .. plus the shipping ... plus the UK customs cuz it was shipped form USA ....
  6. Oh WOW...and will you get all of that back if you were to sell it? Are you only freaking about the price,or don't you like the bag either?

    That's an awful thing to have happen....hope it works out for you!!
  7. I LOVEEEEEEEE the bag!!! :sad:
    but I do not love the price and the guilt is killing me!! especially that we are in the process of decorating the house we built back home and I just feel bad spending that much :sad:
    I dont know I feel confused ..
    But the bag is up on market place ...
  8. It is a beautiful bag, but I know what you mean. I also just bought the medium gray 2.55 on Ebay, and paid more than the bags original costs. In the back of my mind, I am thinking wow, I paid alot of money, but than I convinced myself to keep it.

  9. You said you love the bag! and I say..
    I couldn't believe you are going to give up this gorgeous bag that you were longing for long but you have to be happy on your decision whichever it is.

    I am sure someone will snag this bag and hopefully you can get your money back.
  10. I just want the price i paid for it ....... even if it's minus the shipping and customs ... I hope someone likes it enough to buy it :sad:
  11. I'm pretty new to chanel bags. Just wondering what does the number like 227 or 228 stands for? Are the 2.55 reissue sold out world wide? I'm begining to really like them.
  12. It stands for the size of the bag. For example, the 226 is medium, 227 large, and 228 jumbo. There is also a 225, which is small.
  13. Thanks Michele!
  14. They are still available but in different colours. Its a new season. The ones with the anniversary stamps on the inside that says 2005 (limited edition) has pretty much disappeared from the shelves, although sometimes some people say they see them in Saks or NM. That's probably just 1 or 2 left.
  15. Do u know what colors they came out for the new season? I'm aftering the grey color ones