Where else to find BBags used besides Ebay

  1. I am looking to find a First bag and is there anyplace besides eBay I might find what I`m looking for? Its really hard to find online other than knockoffs.
    I`m looking for a really clean used bag if possible.:confused1:
    Any suggestions from anyone would be great!
  2. Try a consignment store, maybe, like Ann's Fabulous Finds. You have to periodically check back.
  3. Ann gets some great bags in every so often. You can sign up for her mailing list to find out what she may be listing. Here is the link:

    Ann's Fabulous Finds : Mailing List Signup

    I recently found a few bbags at Encore, a consignment shop in NYC. One of their SAs told me they get them in fairly often. In fact, I think they have one now.
  4. Thanks so much for all the information, from all of you, its really appreciated!!
  5. Like others have said, Designer Consignment stores are a good bet. I saw a Black City at Second Time Around on Newbury Street in Boston. They have several locations in New England; maybe you could call and if they have anything they might be willing to ship it to you

  6. Wow thanks everyone for sharing all this great info!