Where else in Chicago can I find Tokidoki?

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  1. I found some at Bloomingdales... but I've checked 3 Macy's and no luck.

    Is there anywhere else in the Chicago area where I can go to see Tokidoki in real life before buying?
  2. I'm not from Chicago but from what I've read in the forum I think Nordstrom's carry tokidoki. And that's such an established store that I'm sure they have one in Chicago.

    Umm other than that, I don't know .. sorry! :shrugs:
  3. Oh, yeah, I'll check the Nordstrom out by my house. I know Macy's has them on-line and in some stores, but the 3 Macy's that I went to around here had nothing.
  4. i know bloomingdales on michigan ave carries them, and the only macys i know of is state street. are you in the city? a.okay official carries a ton of toki and a lot of variety as well.
  5. Yeah, the bloomingdales is the one place I found them. Where is a.okay?
  6. Last time I was the Macy's on state street they had some. I was there about 2 weeks ago.
  7. Oh, are they somewhere other than the handbag department? I go through there once every week or two and never noticed them there. Hmmm. I'll check it out tomorrow.

  8. Well they sure were somewhere else. I browsed around handbags and didn't see anything... and then finally asked someone... they were in the opposite corner of the store in "accessories". Who knew! I get so confused in big department stores.
  9. A Okay Is On Clark And School. I Have Not Gone There Yet But I Want To Check It Out Myself. I Drove By, But Coulod Not Find Parking.
  10. there's four loehman's in illinois. they get shipments in of older prints sometimes. maybe there's one near you?
  11. Went to A.Okay yesterday. WOW, they have a ton of Tokidoki!!! Spiaggia, Fumo, blanco and a bunch of styles. It is a really cool store. They have the Cactus Sandy and Bastardino figures as well as donut keychains. On Clark Street a couple blocks north of Belmont,
  12. Guess I'll have to plan a trip up there to check it out! Yes... parking in that neighborhood is almost impossible!!!!