Books & Music Where else can i go to find great books suggestions?

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  1. I know we have a similiar thread what books are you reading, but not enuf input for me-is there a site to see the books people are raving about right now?:nuts:
    If this is considered 'an old thread' , sorry, please close,
  2. Hm, I would assume the top sellers list listed from Amazon, New York Times...

    or did I misunderstand your question?
  3. I use GoodReads and Shelfari. They're sites where people add the books they've read, want to read, etc. And you can rate and review them with discussion groups and the like.
  4. This is great, but I guess I was looking for unusual /not just best sellers, thanks
  5. thanks too
  6. Oh!! Hmmm, if you spoke German I would have the perfect suggestion for you...!
  7. Try going to a book discussion forum. I'm sure they would love to give you suggestions for good books based on your interests.
  8. A friend of mine is a librarian. She and the others at the libraries are VERY well read.

    When I want to find a new book of a particular type (such as mystery novels by British women writers), I just ask her. If she isn't familiar with the genre, she asks a colleague.

    My librarian friend turned me onto Laurie R King, an authoress in California who has written a few series of novels including a whole new take on Sherlock Holmes from the prospective of Mary Russell, a highly intelligent young woman who becomes his detection partner when Holmes is in his fifties. Brilliantly written.

    Carousel - Thanks for the reccos. I just joined GoodReads. Looks good!
  9. I'm a big fan of the book adverts and reviews in The New Yorker--I've found some really good books that way.

  10. I'm after this too.

    Hugely popular books do pique my interest if I KEEP hearing about them, because often I want to see what the big deal is, though i initially want to look beyond those selections..

    I know basically what kind of genres I like. I usually just start by browsing the bookstore in that area and looking through random titles.. yeah, I know, a sophisticated method. lollll, but it does get things started for me.
  11. Sometimes I'll look up a book I really liked on Amazon and see if any of the reviewers have lists of similar books.
  12. I also look at the "Frequently bought together" and also "Customers who bought this item also bought" to see if there is something else I may be interested in reading.
  13. I second Goodreads.
  14. Goodreads and BookBrowse, definitely. BookBrowse has a small membership fee, though.
  15. Goodreads!
    Not sure if we can promote other forums but you can certainly Google "book lists" or "book club" to find a bunch of book reading-promoting blogs and communities.