Where else can I buy keyrings???

  1. I loved the Bayswater keyrings, but thought the price was outragous!!!
    Now that Mulberry are out of stock I have to have one (typical me)!!!
    When I rang Mulberry they said that they probably won't get stock until the New Year...
    Do any department stores or internet sites hold stocks of these??
  2. Have you tried the outlets?
  3. yes, no luck at the outlets..
  4. I reckon they'll get some in for the Jan sale. There were hardly any keyrings at all at Shepton on Friday. I'd hang on....
  5. Hi, House of fraser in Norwich have them in , you could get them sent across to your local HOF (if you have one !) or ring norwich store and do postal sale.

    Hope that this helps:smile:
  6. thanks Tara, I might try that, my nearest is Bluewater. I can't see them being in the sale so soon??
  7. I called the Melrose (CA) Mulberry store and had 3 of them delivered via UPS. I have the coral, choco, pink bayswater key rings.

    Note of caution though, the claw part of this key ring is not wide enough to go around a Bayswater! You can force it to clamp around the bag handle but is not a good fit. I posted a pic of this somewhere in a thread... :sad:

  8. Thanks for the note of caution....
    I'm thinking about this key ring (or a zodiac one) to use and to clip it to the inside zipper of my Bayswater......will this work with ease? Would love your input on this since yes, they are at an insane price - but why am I still thinking about them????? UGH
  9. Thanks for the warning - that is really strange! If you get this keyring, it would normally be to put it on a bayswater - and you can't??? It can't be a huge surprise that keyrings are used as bag charms - in fact, enamel charms are kind of useless on keyholders since they might get nicks when bumping against the keys. I would personally never dream of wearing the mini bayswater keychain with keys - to me, this is a bag charm only.
  10. ^^ yeah, i got them to use as bag charms so I'm disappointed but they're pretty to look at so i'll keep 'em.

    dcblam...I'll take a pix of what u wanted "...clip it to the inside zipper of my Bayswater" & see if it works...

  11. I'd worry that the chain would scratch against my leather??
  12. You can get the star sign key rings from John Lewis. Don't know if they stock the bayswater ones.

  13. oooh - thanks SO much.
    I'm just trying to figure out where to put my keys inside my Bay so I don't have to go fishing for them. With the bag I have - there is only one zippered compartment for organization - and I suppose I could just leave this unzipped and place my keys here....but??? Just wanted another option and of course it has to be something with a big claw clip for easy removal/placement!
  14. I looked at the eBay listing of the Bayswater keyring and that is a good buy! I am leaning towards it being authentic only because it's too soon to be being fakes out there for this keyring - you think they would have had a chance to counterfeit it already?

    As promised here is a pic of my 3 keyrings on a Bayswater. As you can see the only plausible place for this keyring is on the lock cloche! But now rachiem got me thinking about scratches on my bag.

    You would think that Mulberry would have done R&D on this keyring but I guess it's caveat emptor, eh?