Where does your money go?

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  1. When you get a little extra income do you put it straight towards LV or save up for a nice car, house, home decor, clothing, etc.

    Where is LV on your priority list?
  2. It depends on what I need/want most at the time. LV is pretty high on my "want" list. lol
  3. For like the last six months yes LV was my priority. Now, I'm happy with what I have so I don't have a big need to save for LV, but even still, when I get money right away I think of LV!
  4. Haha I agree with Sophiae. For my whole life I had an addiction to shopping for clothes and shoes (who doesn't?!) and now I don't have enough space! But when I discovered LV thats all I want now!

  5. ITA it depends what is going on at the time.
  6. clothing, lv, eating out
  7. ^^Same here.
  8. Lately, it's been near the bottom. I've been saving for an apartment in NYC and grad school. I have lots of other interests and, with a limited budget, its sometimes difficult to fit my LV want list into the mix.

    But, there's always later. LV isn't going anywhere. And I find consolation in that. :yahoo:
  9. I just save for whatever, the future I guess. I don't buy stuff like LV unless I really, really want it, I don't really have a wishlist or anything. Most of the ones I have were more like impulse buys, but I did know I wanted them.
  10. My parents have already supplied me with a car and shelter. All the extra money that I get goes towards things that I want, which is LV at the moment. :P
  11. It's pretty low at the moment, I'm going to have to admit.. :shame:
  12. clothing priority
  13. I agree.
  14. LV is at the top of my list at the moment! Half of my paycheck goes into savings, and the other half towards my Las Vegas trip in August (which will most likely result in the purchase of a new LV!) - I'm trying to save up as much as I can before I go!
  15. It depends on my mood usually. But nowadays i'm at the age where saving for my own place is my first priority so LV isn't quite at the top of my list.