Where does your dog sleep?

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  1. as above ;)

    Jaeger and Roma both sleep in our bedroom. Jaeger sleeps on my husband's side on his raised bed (if it's cold we put his Snooza pet futon on top covered with a blanket) and Roma sleeps on my side on her Snooza pet futon.

    this is Jaeger on his bed:

    and Roma on her futon: (not in the bedroom but you get the idea)

    sometimes they snuggle together
  2. Such pretty doggies you have!

    We have three dogs and they sleep where ever they choose. One of them particularly likes to sleep on the bed. One prefers the sofa and the other one prefers the floor, but sometimes they switch their normal habits.
  3. In our bed, right in the middle of me and my husband! She starts out at the foot of the bed, but crawls up between us during the night :love:
  4. My Lab, Diesel, sleeps right between dh and I! He is such an attention whore, but that's why I love him!!!
  5. My dog sleeps in one of those round dog beds that is in the living room, or if he is feeling like it, on the couch. He used to sleep in bed w/ me, but I broke that habit. He slept well, but I did not. Now, we just take naps together.
  6. Gizmo sleeps in his dog bed at the foot of our bed. He has his own space and we have ours. He's just a lil guy (Pom) so no worries about being on the furniture. I might be the only dog owner on here concerned about that, but our furniture is expensive.
  7. My yorkie sleeps with me on my bed or with my parent's on their bed. My shih tzu sleeps in a round Juicy Couture bed next to me.
  8. my dog loves to sleep on my pillow or next to my side :smile: my BF insists that she sleep at the foot of the bed but she'll always be next to me
  9. Roxy, my boston terrier, sleeps next to my stomach or with her head on my husband's pillow. The 2 pugs switch all night between sleeping next to my legs and next to my husband's waist. All 3 snore, but the boston is the loudest.
  10. My lab mix sleeps in bed. When he's cold he likes to sleep butt-to-butt for warmth. I guess when he wants his own space, he opens the door to the spare bedroom and makes himself comfortable in the non-occupied bed. He takes his paws and moves the blankets so they are in a pile and then he sleeps next to/against them.
  11. 2 Bassets. In the bed.

    They snore so much I think they both suffer from deviated septums (or at least that's what they'd tell the tabloids :rolleyes:)

    The younger one sleeps in between DH and I (how comfortable...)

    And my grumpy ol' man sleeps at the foot of my side!

    Keeps us warm, for sure.
  12. I have the same concern about the furniture b/c mine is pretty new, but I was fighting a losing battle. I have a cat and she would always sleep on the arm of the couch, no matter how many times I sprayed it or spritzed her w/ water. As soon as the dog learned to jump, he figured he could do it b/c she could. I was spending more time chasing them both and not accomplishing anything other than running in circles. In the end, it is okay. She stays in her one spot, he only sleeps on the couch now and again and is not destructive. At least the couches are a tan color and microfiber-ish material that is easy to clean.
  13. Both doxies sleep in the bed with me and DH. The male, Casey, likes to burrow down at the foot and Mille, my sweet girl, sleeps next to me all cuddled up.
  14. In the bed with us, Mariah under the covers, usually right between us lol and Princess on top of the covers at our feet. If they get bored, they will go under the bed and sleep, for whatever reason, they like it there.
  15. Well at night when we all go to bed she sleeps the mine and my hubbies room at the foot of our bed on her doggie bed. But during the day she crawls up in my daughters bed for lots of cat naps. Here is Masai in my daughters bed lol!

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