where does your bag go at night?

  1. mine goes right next to my side of the bed on the hardwood floor...there's always something i need to get out of it, so, it's convenient there...
  2. The bag I'm currently using always goes in one drawer in the kitchen. Don't ask me why--I've always done it that way. The bags that aren't being used are in their sleeper bags sleeping in the closet, until it's their turn to come out and be carried.
  3. Mine is either on the left side of my bed (I sleep on the right) when my SO isnt there and if he is, then its on my chair:smile:
  4. my bag goes on my entry table next to my car keys.
  5. I keep mine in the car in the garage then switch it out in the morning while the kids are getting in the car to go school.
  6. Mine goes on the chest-o-drawers in my room. That way I can see it (:heart: ) and my dogs won't chew it. :p
  7. it stays on the sofa when I'm at my bf's house or it stays right in front of the tv stand in my room when I'm at my mom's
  8. mine used to go on the floor beside my bed, but then we got a dog who likes to chew whatever is on the floor, and I am NOT taking any risks, soo...it's the closet...:sad:
  9. My bag hangs off the stool at the eat-in kitchen counter..
  10. mine go back in their dust bags and in the wooden cabinet, i have cats and they climb all over and in everything so my nice bags i put away every night
  11. Mine goes on the chest/trunk thing I have next to my front door along with my keys.
  12. It depends what one I'm using. My coach I'll leave out on my kitchen table. Any of my LVs I will either put in a drawer in my bedroom or hang them up by my keys. My naughty kitties have a habbit of biting and clawing things and I have learned to keep my more loved bags out of reach.

  13. It either goes on top of my tall dresser drawers or back in its spot in my closet. I currently have a homeless bag (haven't made room for it yet) so it's been sitting on top of my dresser.
  14. in the dustbag, currently in the spare room I occupy in my parent's house (that is NEXT to my baby's bedroom and the TV room where I work......)
  15. Hanging on the Pantry Door handle.
    I have a problem with laying my bag on surface tops that might have Lord only knows anything on them. I also have a playful kitten that loves hangtags and tassels.

    One of my older cats has a tendency to throw up hairballs wherever and whenever she pleases. I had a purse sitting in a chair and she throw up a big hairy thing just inches away.
    So all of my bags are hung.