Where does Yoox ship from?

  1. Hi everybody,

    I was looking around yoox today (the German version) and I was wondering where there items would ship from and if customs would be an issue since I was thinking about buying a bag. For those of you who have ordered from them, where did it ship out from?

    Thank you :smile:
  2. I thought that they shipped everything from Italy :smile:
  3. I have bought from them many times before and they definitely ship from Italy.
  4. I'm in Germany, too. I bought from YOOX three times so far and it came from Italy. They ship w/ UPS and the regular shipping took about two days.
  5. Their stuff come from Italy but they receive at their NJ office
    then ship out to you, and you don't have to worry about the customs.
  6. Does this mean that if I have a return to Yoox, I send it to New Jersey...or to Italy? I surely hope it's New Jersey!! :smile:
  7. you get a prepaid ups label for returns so you just call ups and they pick it up, no trouble at all. and yes, they ship from italy.
  8. Italyyyyy

  9. ^^Prepaid labels? You mean return shipping is free too!! AMAZING!
  10. In US, I think they have a warehouse in NJ. Shipping to Manhattan takes only one day usually. And they apply sales tax on order from NJ and NY.

    Woops, sorry I didn't read carefully that OP was asking about Europe.
  11. ^^Luckily I'm shipping to Florida, so no sales tax for me!! YAYYY!

    But the question for me still remains, is return shipping free? That's not clear on the website. I ordered two pairs of the same shoe because I wasn't sure about sizing...
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    In Spain, there is a promotion this month with return shipping free.
    In USA Yoox says: "YOOX gladly accepts returns within 20 days of the delivery date.

    We make your return shipping easy: use the pre-addressed UPS return label included in your order. We will simply deduct a flat Return Fee of US $6.00 from your refund.

    If you prefer, you may ship the return package at your charge, using a courier of your choice.

    Discover all details on how to return in the Customer Care area."