Where does the red expandable tote come from?

  1. Saks, Neiman's, Nordie's, boutuques? How much? Are they still available?
  2. I've seen them at NM, $2295 i think. Not sure if there is any left, but if you call Lisa from NM, Troy Michigan she'll be able to help you or maybe track one down for you.
  3. I saw one at my local boutique last weekend...
  4. saw it last Sunday at Saks nyc.
  5. got mine at Chanel
  6. I got mine from Saks
  7. I saw them at Saks.
  8. There's one in Saks, Greenwich, CT right now.
  9. Saks and NM Somerset both had it recently
  10. got mine at saks.
  11. I saw one at Saks Portland last Sunday.
  12. my NM had them last week too:yes:
  13. saks in Bala Cynwyd,Pa has one
  14. My Saks had one today.
    Thanks everyone!