Where does the money go?

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  1. So, I'm assuming that the majority of people on this thread have seen some sort of counterfit bags:shame: ...be it Chinatown, people selling out of black garbage bags in cities, ebay, etc.
    There's a lot of speculation about where the money made from these sales goes--terrorism, drugs, sweatshops... Can anyone seperate fact from fiction?
  2. Probably, all the above!
  3. Counterfeiting is a business.

    A lot of money gleaned funds organized crime, russian mafia for one.

    If you are sincerely interested in this topic, may I suggest the book,

    "Knock-off: the Deadly Trade in Counterfeit Goods" by, Tim Phillips.

    It is very informative and eye-opening.
  4. It goes to many bad things. Insluding all of which was mentioned and it goes to making young children work very hard and long for nothing...