Where does one buy a purseket...

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  1. Do they sell them at LV boutiques !!!
  2. I bought mine off of www.purseket.com

    Fast shipment too!

    And BTW- mine is a large for the Speedy 30
  3. No, LV doesn't sell pursekets.
  4. I just bought one for my D&G beach bag from moonlitz[​IMG] on eBay. haven't received yet but will let you know when i do!
  5. I got one at Moonlitz and it's fine. the shipping was pretty fast and it was a little cheaper than purseket.com.
  6. Do a search.. pursekets

    pages and pages on these. In fact there two link in my sig.
  7. Great to know thanks, looking forward to receiving mine, got the Panther large :smile:
  8. LV doesn't sell pursekets, but you can get them off of the purseket website
  9. As allways you ladies were a big help,thank you !!!