where does h.com ship from?

  1. I order my scarf the other day and stupidly didn't pay the extra to expedite it. Any idea where they ship from? I'm hoping someplace close so I get it soon :hysteric:
  2. When I ordered from H.com, the item was shipped from New York
  3. New York for me too.
  4. sweet. I'm in NY, so hopefully I should get it sooner rather than later!
  5. hmm, i haven't ordered from them yet and I am in washington.. so maybe when I order, it will come from the west coast stores??
  6. Hope you get it soon ilovechoo! Care to tell what scarf ya got? LOL!
  7. I never changed shipping and it came super fast - though I am on the East coast...
  8. plaza del toros in the pink colorway. :love:
  9. I'm in CA and it still ships from NY. They send it 2 day so you should have it soon!
  10. BTW - ilovechoo - I like your one month at a time theme. Wish I could follow it somehow...
  11. so it always comes from NY then?
  12. Yes, my item I bought shortly before Christmas came from NYC. I ordered it on the 11th and it didn't come until the 20th. Then again I paid for the cheapest shipping which was 20.00. HTH!
  13. I ordered from hermes.com and it arrived to me in Australia within THREE days!!!! How's THAT??
  14. it came today!! I needed it today too. Major PMS bad mood is now gone. (eh, pretty much at least...)