Where does designer handbag overstock go?

  1. Seems to be many opinions on this forum, so, I have a question....
    When LV, GUCCI, COACH, PRADA, ETC...have overstock or last years models that they no longer carry in their stores, do they just burn them??? I mean really, do you think that they have a silo somewhere in Siberia holding all of their unsold bags buried 1 mile underground? To me, I think it would be a smart business practice to unload them to, "verified", for lack of a better word to wholesalers. They make money, they get exposure for someone who just may stop into one of their stores and get the latest and greatest bag! I've seen many threads here that say that they don't wholesale...just wondering where all the old bags go :smile:
  2. For LV, they get sold to the employees at a discount. They never have sales, nor do they have outlet stores and they are never sold to "wholesalers".
  3. I HAVE heard that LV burns them. :crybaby:Is it not true? Yippee! :yahoo:
  4. Ella,
    We need to get a job at LV!!! LOL
  5. LOL That may be true but I have no evidence of it. I will ask my SA next time I am at LV.
  6. Hmmm... I have heard that LV destroys their bags for imperfections (or shopwear?) ...do they really have overstock when they discontinue a style? Or do they not discontinue a style until they've sold it out?

    ....Are they like Rolex, who supposedly sells every single manufactured watch they make... ?:confused1:

    ...makes me curious...I had a friend who used to work for LV, I should go ask him....
  7. Staff sale for LV and outlet for other brands.
    For Gucci absolutely super sale every season.
  8. I think some of the Prada items go to the Prada outlet stores around Italy & Switzerland. Back in 2003 I went to the Prada outlet store in Lugano Switzerland and saw several older Prada models for sale in the store for $350.00 - $500.00, but they were not anything too exciting and they looked to be lower quality leather, so I am not sure if they were ever actually sold in the Prada boutiques. I did happen to purchase this wallet for about $69.00 USD in the outlet store, so that was a bit of a savings. [​IMG]

    Wish they had a JC outlet mall!:yes:
  9. For LV, yes they do burn the leftovers but LV NEVER overproduces any pieces in the first place so very few, if any get burned. The steps are somewhat like this:
    1- sold regularly in all stores
    2- quantities diminish, remaining pieces are sent around to stores and are available on order from 866-vuitton for a few years
    3- if they do not sell, the remaining pieces are offered to SAs for an 80% discount
    4- any leftover pieces are burned

    Please note that VERY few pieces EVER make it past stage 3 though.
  10. 80% discount? WOW!
  11. I hear ya!
  12. 80 %? I need to start taking my SA to lunch :wlae: