Where does b-bag $money$ come from ?

  1. Everyone @ this forum is FABULOUS.. and so are the handbags, I don't personally own a Balenciaga handbag, although I wish I could feel the smooshy leather in my hands and the sweet scent of leather, but I can't, so that is why I come here, so that I can live vicariously though all of you (and your extensive collections).

    Some of you have hoards of them... and yes, I am jealous, envious, a little green...BUT I do pose a question, it is personal and I understand if some don't want to answer, but where does one get the money for 1 let alone a collection.

    Are we rich?
    In debt?
    Making loads of cash?
    Credit card people?
    Good Ol' fashion saving?

    I have a nice LV and a large everyday Kors but I want a shoulder one... a colorful one, a pretty Bbag.

    OKAY I am done ranting, and wallowing in self pity.
    If even one person answers I will be happy.
  2. hi Metro!! speaking for myself, it's a combination...depending on when I bought my bags. Some I saved up for, some I splurged for (and dealt with credit card payments later), etc. The interesting thing for me is that when I talked myself into/made the commitment for such a large purchase, I really love it/value it/remember the purchase that much more.

    Many of my purchases were gifts to myself for certain events or milestones, like birthday, new job/promotion/raise. I still remember the Prada I bought when I got a promotion I really worked hard for and I remember the Marc Jacobs Happy-30th-birthday-to-me bag purchase day! My latest total ~splurge~ was a Chloe Paddy I had been totally wanting for months and months. I travel overseas for business and when I saw THE Paddy sitting right on the shelf in Lane Crawford in Hong Kong, I knew I had to do it, right then and there. And I still think my good Hong Kong memories (not just shopping but some good work stuff, too) when I carry the bag. :love:
  3. Hi there, metro! Interesting questions...I am fairly new to the Balenciaga world and currently own 2. I charged both of them to my credit card (didn't get them at the same time though), and that gave me some time to come up with the money. I don't have too many bills and I still live at home, so I didn't have to go into debt to purchase them...
    Like Redney, these bags were to treat myself for accomplishments. Usually, it's after a really hard project from work...After these projects are done, I convince myself that I need a reward, and lately, Bbags were it! :amuse:
  4. Very fair... I guess living at home makes things different. I mean I'm 21, finished college, have a good job, just bought a car, and it seems like I have a MILLION bills that's why I was wondering.
    I guess its true, I purchased my first LV after a milestone, first REAL, professional job (although it was about 6 months after I got the job.. belated kinda).

    I dunno it may be that I live in Canada and can't physically access a bbag? haha.
    And we ALLLLLL know how petrifying it is to try and buy one online these days.. phew.
    Thanks for the honesty, kinda makes me want to take out my plastic and order from any store that will allow a Canadian to purchase!!
  5. OH and by the way you bbag is FABULOUS!
  6. I'm not rich but I don't go into debts when it comes to buying bags. My dad or bf usually buy bags for me on certain holidays or special occasions (ie. graduation, b-day). I'll also sell off old bags or other junk on ebay to fuel my obsession.
  7. ^Thank you. :shame:

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Metro, I see a Bbag in your future. :biggrin:
    Stay away from Bluefly at the moment though!
  8. Where in Canada are you?? Sask? Further North?
    I'm in Calgary, it's worth the trip, there are still a lot of bags here...
  9. Hello metro ;) good question! im one Lv addict. so many bags i want to buy no. 1 on the list is a BBag and i just bought 4 new LV's a week ago. I'm not rich too... comfortable but not rich. i always pay my cc bill in full for all my purchases but now i think il start to pay partial hahaha bec i really really want a bbag -- im sure its bad but i cant help it. maybe i should start selling some of my LV bags ... LV bucket anyone, prada, gucci anyone ? LOL:smile:
  10. i just spent my financial aid for college on a classique first. that was 2 months rent worth of money. guess i can't ditch work for awhile now >.<
  11. I believe in good ol' fashion saving! It started when I realized that instead of buying 10 shirts, I can buy 1 shirt that I completely love and will last me a long time. This goes for bags.
  12. mlertpac, this is so true!

    I'm young, and lucky that I don't have too many 'responsibilities'. I'm definitely not 'rich' and I fund my Balenciaga love by selling off some couture/runway items from my own personal collection.... :smile:
  13. hey ya!
    welcome to the PF!!!! :smile:
    we'll i'm not rich at all! i work 6 days a week (1 full time job and 1 part time job)... all my money from my part time job goes 2wards my bags! I just save save save! i also selling my 'junk' on TM and if i'm really dying for a bag - i tap into my special travel account! SO, nawty, but it gives me my fix! BUT saving is totally the key!!!
  14. Saving, definitely. I just got the last part of my student loan payment, and I'm desperately trying not to splurge on a new bbag. Its killing me!:sad:

  15. Me too!!!
    I've been hoarding vintage designer wear since I was 16.
    I shop in thrift stores and find blouses and dresses and skirts and jackets that are Dior, Givenchy, Chanel etc

    I have an extra closet FULL of desinger and non designer tailored vintage wear that I've just started to sell on eBay in the last 4 months.
    It's turning out to be super lucrative!

    While I'm a stay at home mom, I can dress up, model, sell stuff in return for some amazing bags!

    I love it, and while my husband wishes I'd spend the money on things like landscaping and a "Smart Car" (boooooorrrriiingg) , I'd rather sell my old gems for new ones of my own. Plus, I'm not using his money.:lol: