Where Does a Bag Go When It's Returned To The Outlet?

  1. If it's a full price boutique bag and it's returned to the outlet, where does it go?
    Back to a full price store or on the floor and the outlet for sale? And do they mark it down?

    I'm asking because I'm returning the used looking mandy and my new mineral hobo (don't like the color) and I was going to just do it at the outlet tomorrow since I'm going there.

    But when I started thinking about it, it kind of bothers me that if they mark it down and then it someone else would be getting a steal when I paid offa full price...is that wrong?

    Anyway, just wondering where the bag goes, thanks.
  2. they mark it down and sell it there at the outlet
  3. Since it's so new, they probably won't mark it down much. I saw a scarf print Ergo tote right after they came out, and it was something like 10% off.
  4. Yup-someone will feel very lucky and get it at a discount. Not the PCE but a markdown from the retail price.
  5. Yeah markdown is never very much on new current bags...I don't think I've seen one marked down more than $30 from retail when its obviously a new current bag that was returned.
  6. I got some Mandys at the outlet for $270, returned them, and they resold them for over $500!!
  7. well somebody returned a patent ergo yesterday and they sold it today for 255.
  8. This is what I have noticed too.
  9. I returned a pair of gold Rhina sandals at a Coach outlet on Saturday since it turns out that the sandals ended up being too big for. I'd purchased the sandals last week via a phone order using the extended PCE discount. The SAs at the outlet were fawning all over the sandals and asked me more than once if I was absolutely sure that I didn't want to keep the sandals. Unforutnately, the sandals were 1/2 size too big for me and the strap around the ankle was too loose as well. Turns out that the store manager got first dibs on the returned sandals and it's my understanding that at the Coach outlets, the employees get a 65% discount off the item's original retail price. They never get the 65% discount off the item's sale/lowest marked price, at least that's what I was told by the SA that processed the return of my sandals.
  10. I returned my whiskey satchel last week to the outlet because it was scratched, no price tag and looked used.
    It was from PCE KoP store. Anyway the SA at the outlet got it and said she was buying it. Although why she would want it in that condition when she could get her discount on a new one is beyond me. The bag was a mess!
  11. My friend worked at the outlet and she got her Carly (someone had returned it) right when they came out for 65% off!!!! So maybe the SA's get 1st dibbs??
  12. They don't mark much off...I bought a bag that had retailed over $400, they only marked it down about 10%. Not that much, but better than retail!
  13. Whenever I return a new item at an outlet, the SA's oooh and ahhh over it and it normally doesn't make the sales floor.

    My regular boutique is very limited in what it carries, so I have to order to even try a bag on. :sad: So, at PCE, I'll order what I'm intersted in, knowing I can't keep it all, but since I can't try some things on in the store, it's the only way to do it. I tend to be in the area of my outlet more, so that's where my returns end up being. If I'm in the area of a boutique, I'll do it there.
  14. Oh, and with shoes, only once has my boutique had the shoes in stock that I wanted (and I've bought 7-8 pair). I've learned to order two sizes during PCE and return the one that doesn't fit. (Learned this the hard way - ordered shoes during a PCE, wrong size but my normal size - only thing to do was return and re-order at full price because store didn't have them in stock).