Where does a bag go to when it's removed from the website?

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  1. I've loved the large black leather satchel and now it's gone from the coach.com website...

    What normally happens when they remove the bag listing? Is it on sale somewhere? Sold out? Going to an outlet?? It didn't seem to be a very popular bag, so I'd be surprised if it is sold out.... :shrugs:

    Thanks for any insight!
  2. It might still be in the stores but if it was in the department stores, they should still be there unless they sold out too. Anything not sold in the Coach stores goes to the outlets I believe. Sometimes you can call the Coach.com toll free number to see if they still have it and you can order from there.
  3. i believe it's sold out.

    it's definitely not on its way to the outlets...-_______- i did the floorset tonight and it's not on the floor, but it's not on the list to the outlets either.

    so your guess is as good as mine.
  4. Thanks for the replies! I will call them as soon as possible and see if I can still get it... I almost ordered it last night! I can't believe I didn't. :Push:

    I saw a few of them at Nordies a couple of weeks ago, so might start calling them, too.
  5. good lucK! the chase is on...
  6. This bag is GONE!!! :Push: I've called all over the place and nobody has it... got my mom on the searching path now. If anybody will find it, she will. :love:
  7. Which bag are you looking for? The Legacy one? If so it is on the site currently...
  8. did you call Coach customer service? They should be able to track one down for you if it is anywhere out there.
  9. This is the one I was looking for -- but, I kinda noticed the new large Carly leather bag and think I am in love with that one now! It's an additional $100 but my 15YO daughter tells me it's much cooler than the one below... :shrugs:


    And Carly:

  10. Oooh! Get the Carley!:yes: I agree with your daughter and I personally like it quite a bit! Am thinking of getting a Medium Carley in Camel!
  11. I saw the first bag you love at Dillards a couple of weeks ago. They had about half a dozen of them hanging at the coach counter and the sales girl said they had more in the back. That was at the store in Gainesville, Fl. May want to check with them, I beleive they will transfer stuff. Personally, I like the Carly bag better though.
  12. So you know when a bag is headed to the outlets?
  13. I am definitely getting the Carly in black leather! :yahoo: Now I'm so glad I never bought the other one - LOL!

    Am trying to decide on one more bag before ordering though... when it comes to signature bags, I have such a struggle!
  14. They have the laced duffle, a smaller size, in a vintage leather for 20% off at the outlets. I think in a bordeaux (sp) and a brown.
  15. I love the Carly bag! Congrats on choosing it!