Where do you wear your perfume?


Oct 18, 2007
With my favorite scent, Vera Wang Princess (cutest bottle ever!), I normally spray a little on the underside of my wrist or my neck. Or if I cant find my deodorant, I spray some in the air and walk through it. :angel: But some of my crazy friends smell like they bathe in their scent! They will walk by and I smell their perfume. Smells good. But then three minutes later when it still smells, Im thinking about how much they put on! So how about you ladies? Where are your favorite places and how much do you use?

D Girl

Sep 21, 2006
well Id probably be one of your crazy friends! hehe I usually go crazy espically when I know I'm going out to a bar, I know I will be covered in smoke smell. I usually dont spray directly on me. I spray in the air and walk through a couple of times, and I'll spray in my hair because it's long and thick and will hold smoke smells.