WHERE do you wear your Coach footwear?

  1. WHERE do you wear your Coach footwear? I have these boots and obviously they aren't going to sit in the box the whole time. But it got me to thinking, do you wear your boots just around town or do you wear them to just special places where they can be seen? For example, just to the mall or on a party/club. After hubby finds out how much they cost, he is going to either demand I wear them everywhere or tell me to never wear them. :lol: More importantly, I have a birthday party to go to for my friend's one year old...do I wear them today? :confused1:

    P.S. I did get sort of negative comment about them being "Too big"...sort of puts a damper on your enthusiam.
  2. Well I have the Evelina sandals from last summer so I don't know if this applies. But I wear them whenever I go out at night or socializing (well not now but def in the summer and just on my vacation in Dec) and at work.

    I would TOTALLY wear your boots to the party today!
  3. What boots are they? How can boots be too big? do you mean the heel is too high or something?
  4. Well, I don't have any coach boots (yet!) but I have flip flops, slides wedges and sneakers. Now that it's winter the slides and flip flops will wait till summer, but I have some black on black sig high wedges I wear to work all the time.

    What did you mean by boots being too big - ?
  5. Wear them honey!!! Don't let someone with a negative comment get you down! :party: Have fun at the party!!
  6. I wear Coach shoes everywhere. I won't enjoy them as much if I only wear them for special occasions. I actually wore Coach sneakers when my office helped the Salvation Army build a playground. Everyone teased me, but I don't have any other sneakers!
  7. I wear them everywhere. Shoes were made for wearing lol.

    This is part of the reason I love Coach, the reasonable pricing and durability. I feel comfortable actually using the stuff I buy each and everyday. The few things I have that are more expensive brands I feel like I baby way too much b/c of the cost and it being more delicate.
  8. My first impulse was to say I wear them on my feet! :lol: I have a few different pairs and I wear them all the time. There is no sense in saving them-hold them too long and they may go out of fashion!
  9. I wear mine everywhere. Obviously I have dressier pairs I wear only for work, but the sneakers & casual shoes I wear whenever & wherever. The only exception is a fabric shoe in inclement weather. I have a pair of black signature Jilly flats that I held off on wearing until it was dry. But I wore my Kyrie sneakers in the torrential rain on a trip to NYC about a year & a half ago (no choice-only shoes I took with me) & they were totally fine afterwards.

    So wear your boots & enjoy them! I feel sure you will be glad you did!;)
  10. I have the kyra sneakers and I wear them with comfy sweatpants anytime! they feel like slippers!!
  11. Maybe too big as in the fact that they are thigh high?? I guess it put me in a mood when I was all ready having a bad day. lol

    No worries.
  12. Wear them and enjoy them! :tup: I love those boots and they are all the fashion right now.. to be worn anywhere and everywhere!!!! :yes:
  13. Coach footwear is my favorite. I wear Coach shoes almost everyday
  14. i love coach foot wear....right now, I think its the best thing coach has to offer.

    wear your boots with pride and strut your stuff because the negative comments are all jealousy
  15. Thanks for the words of encouragement. Why are women so catty? I don't get it!