Where do you wear your bags?

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  1. I would like to justify the purchase of the Classic Flap M/L, but can't think of where I would wear it to.

    Where do you wear your more formal bags other than lunch and dinner dates?

    If this has been discussed before, please let me know. I couldn't find anything in search. Thanks.
  2. My CF goes almost everywhere. It’s serious enough for important work meetings but glamorous enough for symphony concerts/art events. Throw in some lunch/dinner dates and you’ve got a bag for everywhere except the gym, haha. I probably wouldn’t wear it as much if I had kids, I guess?
  3. I have a M/L and I've worn it to work and when i'm out and about. Mine is in caviar and silver hardware, so I feel like it can pass off as casual seeing as how i'm not the most stylish or fashion forward person around.
  4. I’ve had my classic flap M/L for 12 yrs now. Caviar & shw but it’s actually my least used handbag in my collection. Not because I don’t love it, which I do, but just because i only end up reaching for it when I have formal occasions like dinners, weddings and sometimes for evening dates.

    I do find because if it’s size it’s too small to use for work. Doesn’t suit my work at least can’t fit A5s. And it doesn’t work for me as an everyday casual bag because of the strap drop (I like mine longer)and formal look. I personally find it is limited in use, in my lifestyle at least, but to me the M/L flap was always more of a classic Chanel “collector’s” item than a purposeful bag. I find the Jumbo size is better suited for work and the Mini size suits everyday casual.
  5. I just got back from the grocery store and carried my CF M/L. Tomorrow night I’ll be attending a dressy Christmas Party and CF will be with me again. I love this bag. Find it works with everything from casual wear, work outfits to dress up affairs. It’s quite versatile bag so I don’t have to waste a lot of changing my bags from one occasion to another. Let us know what you decide.
  6. I have two -- one large (jumbo-sized) reissue and a small classic. I wear them everywhere, though I tend to use the small for dinners out. Nothing makes me happier than to see Chanel flaps worn casually, probably because I had a different impression of Chanel before I visited this forum/owned Chanel bags. They elevate any occasion, whether grocery shopping or a fancy event. :smile:
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  7. Everywhere. I wear my medium flap everywhere. Target, Safeway, parent pickup, etc. I’d wear it to work, but I work at home. It’s funny, but I don’t bring it to my husband’s formal events and parties. When I get the most dressed up, I leave it at home because he’s in the Navy and I don’t want his command to talk. I’m pretty much the opposite of everyone here. I also had a crossbody strap made which helps it go with more casual wear. I would barely use if it was still shoulder length.
  8. ML Chanel is my least used bag :sad: I only really wear it on date nights with the hubby.

    I have two jumbos and two reissues that are more everyday bags. In my social circle the classic faps are too abundant so for large formal gatherings like parties or galas I take the reissues.

    I will never sell my ML though, it was my first Chanel and is so special. Still get butterflies whenever I do take it out it’s just not very often.
  9. I'm worst and I know I should start using my M/L more but I usually take them to dressy events only. I have four of them and they hardly go out :sad:
  10. I have a large, vintage flap. I wear it on most occations. I think it looks really good with a casual look; jeans and boots.
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  11. Precisely! It was my first ever Chanel bag also and special to me so even if I reach for it the least, I won't ever sell it.
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  12. Ii wear mine with jeans and a t-shirt, to work, out and about. Pretty much everywhere.
  13. I don't think it needs to be limited to dates or dressy occasions. Wear it everywhere. Great with jeans and everything else.
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  14. I use mine for formal occasions and weekend brunch cafe catchup with friends etc but I much prefer other casual bags for running errands, I also feel that black cf is way too common and in my area where it’s warmer climate black looks very serious when paired with shirts and jeans
    I also wouldn’t recommend moms getting black cf, perhaps go for a mini or boy because they’re crossbody and much user friendly.
    I also never ever seen anyone carrying cf to work, it’s too small for docs laptops etc
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  15. Like other posters above, I also rarely reach for my ML. I deliberately chose SHW so it could be dressed down with jeans as that’s my fav look for this bag. But the shorter chain length and smaller capacity (my reissue in 225 size fits more) means I almost never wear it. Where I live it feels both too in-your-face and yet too common at the same time so I feel weirdly conscious in a way that I don’t with any of my other Chanel’s. Nowadays I wear my 225 and 227 reissues whenever I want the classic chanel look.
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