Where do you wear all your gorgeous shoes to?

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  1. I love seeing all the photos of shoes you ladies have. In my area everyone wears Danskos and Birkenstocks and I have a hard time finding an occasion to wear pumps or any of my dress shoe for that matter! I love wearing heels because I'm short but maybe I need to find casual looking heels.

    Where do you wear yours?
  2. Work mainly. Occasionally, I wear them when I'm on a date with my BF.
  3. For the most part, I try to buy shoes that I could where to work and stand all day. I avoid pumps and ballet flats at work, but I do wear lots of wedges, espadrilles (in S/S) and boots (in F/W) to work so long as the heel is 3" or less. For any platform style I wear to work, my rule is that the heel height minus the platform height needs to be about 3" or less also. That's why I can wear a few pair of 5" platforms to work occasionally, as well, so long as the platform is 2".

    Since I am single, my boyfriend and I tend to go out often...to dinner, friends, wine tastings, gallery openings, SHOPPING, and other events. I am never short of a reason to dress up outside of work. And for me, all dressing takes is a pair of tight jeans with a pair of adorable shoes. Shoes make the outfit!
  4. I love shoes! I'm usually in heels just about every day. Even to the grocery store! I wear them to the movies, out to dinner, shopping, you name it. Not always traditional "heels" but clogs, platforms, etc. Whatever, as long as they are heels!

    Of course, I have "special" shoes that I buy and save for special occasions only. I recently wore a pair of 100% BLINGED OUT crystal Manolo Blahnik's to The Ivy in Beverly Hills. I saved those shoes JUST for dinner at The Ivy with my hubby. We were there at night and they blinged like crazy! Got loads of compliments which even lead to meeting three new friends! Wonderful ladies from LA who loved my shoes!

    Who knew that a pair of shoes could lead to meeting wonderful people and making new friends?!? So much fun!
  5. ^ Same here. =) I live in heels, I wear them every where I go - work, movie, dinner, grocery, etc.... LOL.
  6. I have to say that shoes make an outfit! I wear my shoes anywhere and everywhere.. of course there are those that you have to save for special occasion. But how can you have a complete outfit without the right shoes, right? :P
  7. Anywhere and everywhere, as long as I'm going without my kids.
  8. I wear my heels all the time.
    You should take your heels out and enjoy them.
  9. I don't think that you need a special outing to wear beautiful shoes--I wear heels and flats and wedges all of the time, just because looking at them makes me happy!! Do what makes you feel happy!!
  10. Everywhere, though very sparkly ones are best for night.
  11. I wear them with my jeans-if I waited for a special occasion for heels-they would never get worn. As long as they aren't sparkly or overly dressy-they get worn
  12. Thanks everyone! I guess I should wear my heels more often! :wlae:
  13. i wear my black pumps (choos and louboutins) to work, but the blingier ones go for dinner out with my bf or a night out with the girls (which comes so rarely now :crybaby:).
  14. I tend to wear flats and conservative shoes to work and then my fun shoes for going out to dinner with my BF, going out with friends, or at parties/events. I'm a little leary of wearing fabulous shoes to work because I don't want the street to ruin them too quickly and my heels sometimes get stuck in the sidewalks here.
  15. I wear them when I go out over the weekend. At work I just stick to casual and conservative shoes.