Where do you think you will dine on Valentine's Day?

  1. Just curious, where will you all be going for dinner on Valentine's Day? If it's going to be at home, what will you be having? :drool:
  2. No going out for me. I loathe dining out on holidays. You'd think after 15 years Mr Max would know this but he'll wait until 5pm and call me to see if I want to "go grab a bite".

    I have no idea what I'll cook. I'll probably be nice and offer to cook meat for Mr Max. I don't eat the stuff so the only time I cook it is on occasional holidays.
  3. We will probably stay home and I will make a turkey/pork lasagne and either a chocolate cake or strawberry pie.
  4. staying home and Dh is cooking a surprise dinner for me:love:
  5. Not going out thankfully..there are so many people out for Valentine's Day you can't even enjoy yourself. BF is cooking dinner and I am supplying the desserts! :love:
  6. We're doing the same thing! We're going to make dinner together and watch a movie... it's much easier and better than going out into the Valentine's day madness.
  7. In my dining room with my hubby and kids! :okay::love:
  8. every year, my bf and i go grocery shopping and make our valentine dinner together. it is actually very romantic.
  9. I'll be going to Tuscan Steakhouse on the beach. Their food is really good! I cook almost everyday so it's nice to go out and have a nice dinner with the b/f
  10. ON Valentines Day we don't go out, instead we usually cook together and spend a nice night in. We thought we were going to use Vday as an excuse to go to the restaurant Alinea this year, but my lovely fiance forgot to make reservations. I think he still wants to take me out to dinner somewhere, but it will be a surprise the weekend after, I think.
  11. We usually dine out for VDay every year. I haven't figured out where we're going this year. There aren't a lot of posh places around where I live to go out and eat, so I'm finding it hard to decide where to go. I want to go someplace nice, not just your every day, family-friendly, casual dining place!
  12. Staying home, DF wants my famous meatballs with apple pie
  13. I'll be eating dinner at home. Everything is too busy and crowded! My mom and I are making our SO Dinner/Dessert
  14. My DH is a chef so I will be eating by myself on Valentine's day :sad:. He will be cooking romantic dinners for all the lovely couples out there!
  15. I'll probably pick up some Italian food...maybe Carrabba's....to go with a bottle of wine I need to pick up this weekend....