Where do you tell people you got your r/o

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  1. vintage/discontinued color/make/LE LV if you got it on ebay?

    I hate telling people that b/c they would assume it was fake or cheap....

  2. What does r/o stand for?? Sorry:smile:
  3. haha I was thinking the same thing?? retail something? haha idkk
  4. r/o means "read on"
  5. read on....
  6. I had never heard r/o before. I learned something new today.
  7. If I got it on eBay, I just say eBay. Why be embarrassed by it?!:wlae:
  8. Whew, I learned something new too! Man, I was thinking "rip off" <yikes> and couldn't get that out of my head...wrong wrong wrong.

    I will just say eBay if and when I'm asked too.
  9. Haha... i was wondering the EXACT same thing!
  10. Thanks for clearing up the "R/O" thing LOL
  11. Whenever I say I got a bag from eBay, the next question is always "How do you know it's real then?" and that's my cue to tell people about this lovely forum I found and the amazing experts who will help authenticate bags!!! :love:
  12. Honestly, most people don't ask...even friends and family....I think I have so many bags, they figure they just haven't seen this one yet!
  13. I just tell them i got it on Ebay cause i'm proud of some of the deals I get, like my MC speedy for $1075 :smile:
  14. I agree!
    And I elaborate by saying that I go through a careful process of examining the bag to make sure it's real first, then I consult people on this forum next, and then I buy it!
  15. I have never had anyone ask me where did you get that bag or is that real? If they did I would just reply: now that you have set aside your manners by asking me this question, I guess I can set aside my politeness by responding none of your darn business.:flowers: