Where do you store your pills??

  1. I have been using YAZ birth control pills... and I dont really like the pouch it comes with so I was wondering if any of you ladies out there bought anything to specifically hold your pills??

    I saw smething, pillpaks.com but I really dont like the designs heh. but something like that would be great- comes with an alarm and stuff.

    TIA :biggrin:
  2. An alarm?? I need that!
  3. I use a Coach mini skinny for my Yasmin, it's the perfect size and keeps them discreet. I use the alarm on my cell phone (goes off at 7:30pm every day, I couldn't forget my pill if I wanted to!) to remind me. If I'm with other people and they ask what the noise is, I tell them its a text message and then a little while later I'll go to the ladies room and take my pill real quick. Main reason it's at that time is bc it made me feel sick when I first started taking it so I wanted it right after dinner, and it just stuck, been that time for 4 yrs
  4. I just keep my yasmin in the violet pouch it came with, i haven't found anything cute
  5. when i took micronor i had one of those pill pak alarms. it worked great! but it was hard to be discrete. i like court811's idea much better.