Where do you store your perfume

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  1. Ive only recently gotten in to perfume
    I was keeping it on a tray in my closet away from light and heat but i am not sure of spraying it in that close to my bags etc os a good idea. Yet i read storing it in the bathroom can make it go bad. Where do most folks store their fragrance? Thanks
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  2. Hi, I store mine on my dressing table in their boxes, but spray them away from any bags, furniture etc. I have a nasty stain on my dressing table from spilled perfume ❤
  3. Vanity tray on my dresser. Thinking about getting a mini fridge for a few.
  4. My current/seasonal "every day use" perfumes, mostly one or two, sit in the master bathroom on my part of the vanity.

    Another two (or three) sit in the master bedroom on a console as (changing) decorative elements. Those are mostly really "heavy" night perfumes for date night/ when only my better half and I go out together.

    Everything else sits on on a plate, located in the dressing room.

    I mostly spray in the bath/ or dressing room, since I want the perfume on my skin, not on my collars/ties ...

    Kind regards,
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  5. On my dresser/bureau
  6. On my dresser or inside a drawer with the cap off. I like that the items in the drawer end up smelling oh so slightly of it.
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  7. On shelves in my closet on a little tray, definitely away from any sunlight. I was told, the fridge is best for preserving scents, but until I get a little wine fridge in my bedroom...that's not happening.
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  8. Inside the boxes and in my closet, but every season I pull out a few fragrances out of the box and keep them on the shelves in my closet. This way, they will still kept in the dark but I have easier access to them. I rotate my fragrances seasonly.
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  9. Perfume tray on my vanity
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  10. I store mine inside my bags closet in one of the shelves
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  11. Perfume is on a vanity tray on my dressing table & scents that I might favor seasonally are stored
    in the refrig..
    I try & keep scents away from the sun , light & from the steam in the bathroom..
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  12. alcohol does evaporate, so better keep it away from heat and direct sunlight.
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  13. I have about 10 to 15 bottles that are my absolute favorites. I use them often enough in my rotation that I like to keep them handy at all times. These bottles are always stored on one shelf in a wooden cupboard near the closet.

    The rest of my bottles are stored in a linen closet where it's always cool and not exposed to heat and light. Depending on the season, I might move a few of these to the cupboard near my closet to add them into the rotation. I don't spray my perfumes in the area where my bags or leather goods are stored.
  14. I only use one bottle at a time so mine is always on my bathroom counter.
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  15. Me too. Only open one bottle at a time because perfume deteriorates fast.