where do you store your necessities when you go out dancing at night?

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  1. I normally carry a small Gucci shoulder purse or a Goldenbleu Tiffany clutch when I go out at night but I need another solution for the times when I go out dancing. Or at least that's my justification for wanting another accessory.

    I was in LA recently and on both nights when we went dancing someone tried to pick up my purse :cursing:. On the first night, I left it sitting on top of the bar, thankfully it was rescued by a GF who was ordering a drink. On the second night I placed it on the dance floor and one of the guys that I did not know brought it over to me saying someone tried to take it. So I ended up dancing with my purse on the shoulder but it kept slipping off and getting in the way. It was totally frustrating and very inconvenient but I was not about to risk loosing it:shrugs:.

    I am pretty energetic when I dance :jammin: (think salsa) and need use of both hands. I don't carry much more than an ID, credit card, a bit of cash, BlackBerry and a lipstick/lipgloss. What are my options?
  2. back in the day when i would go out dancing, i just carried a wristlett. My favorite was this very simple coach black leather one.

    It was big enough for my house keys, cell phone, lipgloss, cash and atm card. The wrist strap made it very easy to hang on to, and it was always on my person, so less likely to get swiped.

    There are loads of wristletts out there, I think pretty much every brand or designer would have at least a few to chose from.
  3. How about a Chanel Wallet on a Chain? They are worn cross body. Try doing a search on here as WOC and you can see them.
  4. I've seen some girls with wristletts in the club, mostly LV, but I am not sure if that would be an optimal solution though. Wouldn't it still get in the way when you dance with a partner?

    I am considering accross body small purse, more like a wallet, on a chain. Or something similar. I've also seen girls use Gucci 'fanny-pack' that might work with pants but I would not want to invest a ton as I don't see myself using it often enough. And it's no longer on their site.

    Look forward to more opinions on the subject.
  5. When I read your situation that's exactly what I thought of, a cross body bag. One that is small and has a thin strap that won't limit your movement but can still hold your things. You also need one that will match your dancing dress style. This is what I had in mind: http://cgi.ebay.com/New-My-Flat-In-London-Purple-Quilted-Bag-Wallet_W0QQitemZ180324625396QQihZ008QQcategoryZ63852QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
    You may not like the color, designer or the actual bag but that is the style I think you should look into.
  6. I love my Belen Echandia Angel Purse and Kiss Me clutch!

    Both come with wrist straps so you can leave them on your wrist and not worry about them
    They easily hold a blackberry, lipstick, cc, id, cash and more...

    they come in some great colors (and you can order custom bespokes too)

    Here's a picture of my turquoise angel purse and my pewter kiss me clutch:

    Inside the Angel Purse:

  7. Thank you, KittyKat65 and one2many! After reading a few WOC threads, I am convinced that this is the style I need. And since I am not a fan of large purses, I'd be able to use it on many other occasions. I might not even buy travel wallet that I've been considering. In fact I used to own a cheap but very functional (loved built in mirrow) bag in this style when I was in bschool.

    Now I just need to figure out what brand to buy. Of course, Chanel is fab but am not sure I could justify it right now.
  8. I use my pockets and my SO!
  9. I normally carry my LV Pochettes or Wapitys
  10. In my husband's pockets. I can't really recall what I did prior to five years ago before we met. But I'm thinking I probably just took a small purse with me.
  11. omg the gucci fanny packs are so cute! my friend has one and i love it!
  12. Husband as an accessory. Great idea :idea:! Unfortunately, I don't always have one handy. If I did, I could just leave my regular purse with him :rolleyes:.
  13. I would love to have a black one but don't think I'd get much use out of it. I prefer to wear dresses for dancing. And when I am wearing pants, which I think Gucci fanny pack would look great with I tend to have pockets.

    I saw a brown Gucci fanny pack on ideeli for $275 plus S&H (down from $450 supposedly) but did not get it for reasons listed above. It's sold out now. Official name is "GG belt pouch" in case anyone is interested.
  14. It looks great! And the price is not sky high. I do :heart: Chanel WOC but this would be a much more reasonable option. Thank you for the link, I've saved it.