Where do you store your lv's?

  1. hi, i'm new to the forum but have been a fan of lv for years. just wondering where everyone stores their lv's?

    i keep mine on the top shelf in my closet. each time we move i make sure i designate an area that is off limits to my husband and for my bags only. i keep them in their dustbags or pillowcases for my older bags that didn't come with dustbags and stuff some of the bags with towels (the ones that need some help keeping their shape)
  2. I keep all my bags in a guest bedroom closet, out of the way of general traffic. Even some of my bags have bags...they are in their dust bags propped up in a large tote bag :biggrin:
  3. I store them in their original dust bags and put them next to each other according to their sizes on my closet shelves.
  4. Top shelf of my closet !
  5. Mine is on the top shelf in my closet.
  6. In my dressing room Ive designated a wardrobe with shelves in it to it. I had the selves spaces quite wide apart- so there are 6 selves in it. The lower two parts/shelves are a little wider to fit carry alls. Also the two shelves at waist length are places a little less wide for accessories.

    I lurve my bag-drobe.
  7. On the shelves in my walk-in closet (no dustbags because if I don't see them I don't remember what I have!!!:lol:):
  8. woow~~~cool!!!!!!!!
  9. OMG LV_addict can I please move in with you? I would totally fit on one of those shelves! Your collection (bags and clothes!) is TDF :love:

    I am the same way with my bags I dont keep them in the dust bags. I have them displayed on a book case in my bedroom. I have tried keeping them in their dustbags but found that

    1. It looked horrible having a bookcase filled with dustbags. :lol:

    2. I could never find the bag I wanted in a timely manner.

    3. I change bags too often (more than once a day) and found a hassle to keep taking them out of the dust bags.
  10. I just have them arranged in my closet. The ones with boxes are on the top shelf and the ones in dustbags are in the bottom. I'm thinking about taking pictures of them and attaching it to the dustbags and boxes so I know what they are quicker.
  11. That is a fantastic idea! :heart: it!
  12. I'm just trying to be a more organized person.:biggrin:
  13. Top shelf of my closet in their dustbags ;)
  14. I usually try to ask for boxes whenever I buy bags. This is apart from the dustbag given. The boxes can easily stored at the bottom shelf of my closet.
    - I arranged them according to brands
    - I took picts of it and pasted on the side of the box that i can easily see (this really saves alot of time in deciding which one to use and where to find it!)
  15. WOW Irene, your closet looks AMAZING!!! Not only do I adore your LVs, I love your coats...

    You have *EXQUISITE* taste in everything... :love: