Where do you store your LVs?

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  1. Is there anyone out there who is as nuts as me when it comes to storing their LVs? My husband bought me a purse wardrobe as he was tired of seeing all my bags all over the bedroom, wherever there was an empty spot.
    This is an old picture and I have done some rearranging in the past two months (to make space for more LVs!). Am I crazy or what? The only people that know about this is my family - I wouldn't dare show any of my friends. They'd think I was a complete freak (at least that's what my sister says - she hates LV, says it belongs on old women, she even refused a bag I tried to give her)! :lol: :shame:
  2. Ooooo- very nice!! Mine are where your were-- all over the bedroom!:lol:
  3. The top shelf in my closet is overflowing with purses. I need to get a piece of furniture to put them in.
  4. What a great solution from a thoughtful husband. I need a purse wardrobe.
  5. That is just awesome. Did you get those from Ikea?

  6. Yup! Got two separate ones and hubby put them together. Cheap chic!

  7. what a great idea!
  8. are they bookcases or just cabinets for storage?

    love how you store your LV's~!
  9. That is such a great idea!!! My LVs are all over my walk in closet :shame:
  10. Aww.. I love the bag wardrobe ! Mine just sit on the top shelf of my closet, but then again, I probably don't have enough to justify a wardrobe.. yet ! ;)
  11. That Is A Beautiful Site! What A Super Sweet Husband!!!

    I Use A Shelving Unit In My Walk-In...Each Shelf Is A Different Label Of Bags......Of Course, Then They Extend A Long A Long Top Shelf As Well!

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  12. thats a good idea, your cupboard is very neat!
  13. I store mine on a bookshelf...I like the cupboard idea better though because you can hide the mess.
  14. that is pretty neat. i love that idea.
  15. i really like that. it looks so clean and neat. i keep my bags in the closet and for those that have no room usually are kept around the room. my husband can't stand it so he's trying to figure out a way to make more room for them. i was thinking about going to ikea and getting something like that.
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