Where do you spend most of your time when visiting tPF?

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  1. Which sub-forum(s) do you spend the most time in?

    For me, it is General Discussion, then Coach then Balenciaga, then Celebrity section...I LOVE the New Posts option above...that helps me spend a little bit of time all over the place!
  2. I joined this forum when i was searching for Chanel authentication info off Google. Sad to say (thanks to all the knowledgeable ladies on here) my Chanel was a fake. :crybaby:Sooo...I currently don't own a REAL Chanel, but i still really enjoy being a part of this forum so I browse the Chanel section so i can :drool: over everyone else's stuff and pretty much hang out in the General Discussion and other areas of the Playground. :yes:
  3. Marketplaza, Board Games, Louis Vuitton & General Discussion
  4. General, Louis Vuitton, New Posts

    ...In that order :smile:
  5. I originally came to this site because of Coach and was a lurker for the longest. I still feel relatively "new", but have been coming around to post more because I really like this forum (not just for handbag info, but the overall community feel). I find myself in General now the most. :tup:
  6. Mostly GD and then around the playground....

    not spending time on the designer forums due to major $$ crunch which requires me to sell my stuff and definitely not buy any stuff. URGh.
  7. louis vuitton sub forum. tats my favourite
  8. Louis Vuitton, General Discussion
  9. For me it's probably eBay forum, glass slipper and general discussion with the occasional dip into Balenciaga and Chloe
  10. General, Celebrity, TV and Cinema, LV and subforums, Chloe
  11. Celebrity section, TV shows,Balenciaga, Marketplaza.
  12. Mainly Coach and General Discussion.
  13. lv, deals & steals, the wardrobe, general
  14. MJ, GD, MP, and Balenciaga...
  15. Jimmy Choo, GD, MP & Deals & Steals:dothewave: