where do you shop for discount premium denim?

  1. :sos:

    i love sevens :love: HATE their price tag! :yes: but what they say is true...once you buy good stuff there's no going back...i wore a pair of my target jeans the other day when i the rest of my jeans were dirty and the whole time i was thinking i want my sevens!! :cry:

    i hear all y'all talking about buying premium denim online for reduced prices. i hate shopping online because i have to wait for it to get here :yucky: so i don't know of any good etailers.

    who has fast, cheap shipping on premium denim? i only like the the traditional flares style with the plain pockets and dark wash, size 30. they retail 130 at Nordies and on the rare occasion i catch truck day at Nordies rack i can snag them for 50-60ish. anywhere between those two is fine, but i prefer closer to the rack prices. :smile:

  2. At Off Fifth last night, there were literally tables stacked high of 7s, Earnest, JJs, Paige. . . all between $49-$89.
  3. no off fifth near me. :crybaby: i live in the boonies....even the "big city" (portland OR--two hours away) has some serious holes in the shopping department. oh well, love it here anyway.

    thanks though! hopefully it'll help someone else.
  4. I went through a jean rampage last year and bought about 20 pairs. Maybe I'm lucky but LA has tons of places to get good deals for jeans.

    Maria's in Alhambra carries Sevens, Citizens, Blue Cult, Joe's, James, Antik and True Religion for at least half off if not more.

    There's a Blue Cult warehouse that has weekend sales for $40 dollars a pair.

    SaksSFO in Culver City carries damaged Sevens for about $70, including new styles. They also have Rock N Republic and Yanuk.

    The Warehouse Sale, a special event type sale carries all premium jeans including Sevens and James for about $60 or less. They have an event this weekend in LA.

    Loehman's carries Joes, Rock and Republic, and Yanuk for $70 or less.

    Online, Adasa and Scoopnyc has good sales. Otherwise, most websites have a coupon code so you can get a discount off the full price.

    My personal favorite jeans are the Citizens. I hate bending over and showing crack and thank god, these do a great job covering up.
  5. Oh yeah, and Nordstrom Rack carries Joes, Sevens, and Citizens for about $80 and less.
  6. Is there anywhere online or place to order True Religion jeans for under retail?
  7. i have 20+ pairs of jeans. i am totally jeans obsessed!

    hmm. good places to look out for sales are: Shopbop.com, scoopnyc.com, ronherman.com, saks, neimans, and nordstroms. they all occasionally have really nice sales. i got some paiges for 39 at scoop and 67 at neimans, coh for 46 on nordstroms, and i know ronherman had a huge 75% off sale not long ago with cohs for 55, sevens for around 70, and a whole bunch more.

    i also get my jeans from sample sales, a really good one for TR is obviously the true religion warehouse sale... it was a couple of weeks ago in NY and a couple of months ago in LA. all of their jeans were either 60(irreg) and 90(regular). nordstroms rack also has good deals as well. :smile:
  8. Filene's Basement also carries designer jeans at 50% off.
  9. i second filene's basement, great place to find sevens especially. many great websites have some great sales every so often. the best way to find out about them is to go to thejeansite.com people there post sales on jeans all the time. there's even a marketplace type thing where members sell jeans (new and used). good deals can be found there too. there's a forum especially for sevens also where people post authentic auctions and buy it nows.
  10. i live in la, so i always go to these two discount boutiques in alhambra, one called maria's fashions and another called brandie's. both have the jeans for at least half off. i got some chip and pepper jeans for 40 bucks!
  11. revolveclothing.com is a good place to get jeans because they have free shipping/return shipping so you can pretty much try them on before you are committed to them. they have a 30% off first time buyer's coupon and occasionally have 20% off coupons.
  12. Is it authentic?
  13. I know Maria's is def authentic, her store is featured on dailycandy.com and bargainsla.com. I've gotten jeans from there, four pairs, 3 CoH and 1 Sacred Blue and they're def authentic. That place is a madhouse on weekends, that many people can't be wrong.
  14. COSTCO SELLS SEVENS NOW!! i know. weird. for 100 bucks a pair. my aunt said there were racks and piles of them. i havent seen them myself, but im assuming they are out of season or have weird funky embroidery or something.

    anyway. this is costco in the bay area.
  15. That's crazy! The last time I was there I saw some great James Jeans, but I'm way over my limit so I had to stay away!!