where do you shop for beautiful UNDIES online?

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  1. i love beautiful lingerie, but i don't like to spend $200 on a bra either...can anyone suggest any online boutiques that sell great undies for reasonable prices?
  2. i like to try the Victoria Secret Collection..
  3. I love Victoria Secret, great undies and tons of styles/colors to choose from.
  4. Actually, Agent Provocateur should be having their sale sometime in the near future. I'll try to remember to post when they send me the email. It's a great way to get some of their stuff for much below retail. I bought a bra there for $65 last year which was good for them.

    Victoria's Secret does have a large selection at reasonable prices though.
  5. Barenecessities.com has some really pretty stuff and GREAT sales! I've gotten Dolce and Gabbana for <$20!!!! :yahoo:
  6. http://www.nancymeyer.com/ they do have good sales .. but I spend too much money on lingerie