Where do you set your Coach bag at home, car, work????

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  1. Hey Coachie's...Once again I'am asking a goofy question..Sorry if it has been asked, but I could not find a Thread on the question.Actually, I just wanted to know if you have a certain place that you put your bag that is in use? Table,by the front door, on your seat in your car,etc...I have my bag on my Vanity at home, in my van, I either put it on my passenger seat or on the floor between the seats on a towel.I'am very picky about where I set my bag...It's odd, because before Coach, I just threw my bags anywhere....Am I the Only one that is weary of where I set my Coach bag?:P
  2. when I home my bag sit on one of the bar stools at in the kitchen, there are only 2 of us here and we never use those. She is safe from the dogs too ;) In the car she is in the front seat with me, on passenger side, with one strap around the arm which it up to hold her in place.
  3. At Home - I always set my bag on the hamper bin (which altra clean) or a special chair I have for placing my bag.. The reason the chair is not always available is that DH uses it.. LOL

    At Work - I have a draw for just this purpose...
  4. At home it's on my dresser. I put it on the front passenger seat in my car. If someone is sitting there, I put it on the center console between the two seats. I refuse to put it on the floor. At work it sits on my desk. When I'm out of my classroom, it goes in a cupboard so it's out of sight.
  5. well at home i hang her in my closet because i dont want my kids spilling or getting there hands near it,and in the car i put it on the passenger seat with the seat belt on in case it falls it wont hit the floor and if someone is sitting there its in the middle on a towel or those reusable grocery bags
  6. at home they are kept on my small dining room table if it is the bag I'm currently using. I live in an apt, so needless to say I don't really eat at the table like I should! At work I pull up a chair to my desk for the bag lol Its a really dirty office, but its not mine, I'm just interning there twice a week so I don't dare set it on the floor!
  7. Too funny how we put our bags in the front seat with us...:P
  8. at home- i hang it by the front door on the closet door knob
    car- on the passenger seat, or if hubby is there, between the seats
    out and about - on the extra chair at a restaurant or hanging on my chair. at a store i put it in the baby compartment on a shipping cart
  9. So I'am Not the only one that will lay a towel down for a bag,lol...Oh well, we pay good $ for our bags and so forth...I can agree with the kids too.They know by now I hope, not to touch Mom's bag....They have there own things so I tell them I'm going to have at least 1 thing that they Don't Touch,lol.....;)
  10. My 'baby' is always front passenger seat, on my bed, on a table (work). When I'm out, I'm always super careful not to let someone bump into them. Someone here had a story one time that someone bumped them and a huge scratch appeared on their bag. :shocked:
  11. Too cute ...You put it in the baby part of a shopping cart..When I'am shopping, I strap my bag in...Too many thieve's...Especially at Walmart...They can try but I'll fight for my Coach,lol:P
  12. Well, I'am glad I asked this Question..Maybe we can share some tips on protecting our bags....I wasn't sure, but I figured some put their bags in the front seat with them....Like I said when shopping, I strap her in, and I don't care what others think..Too many women have had there bags stolen by leaving them unattended while shopping..I don't care what designer, you have to protect what is yours....I was at Walmart awhile ago and someone had just had their bag stolen out of the front of the cart...If I'am shopping where a cart is not an option, she stays as close to me as possible!!!!;)
  13. at the store i put the seat belt on too and throw it on top of my kids jackets loL i saw an older lady that did that with the seat belt and i was like ahhh okay great idea!
  14. yes my kids already know not to touch BUT i try to prevent it anyway!!
  15. yes, in the car its on the passenger seat or back seat Its a new car and I still won't set it on the floor!