Where do you sell your things you want to get rid of?

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  1. I have so many designer items I want to sell- where do you all sell?

    I have some LV, Chanel, Coach I want to get rid of but don't know if ebay is the way to go b/c there are so many fakes....

    Also I have minimal feedback so idk that people would buy expensive items from me....

    Any ideas would be great
  2. Members of the PF will often buy these items. You should list them with pics. We can PM you if we're interested.
  3. There will be a revision on the Marketplace tomorrow... stay tuned. I feel the need that I should open things up a little more, allow WTS & WTBs, perhaps even WTTs.
  4. The Marketplace is a great place to do this! Vlad will be revamping it a bit... hold on tight! We cwant to continue making things good for all of you!
  5. O thanks! I've been on here for a while and didn't even know that there was a marketplace!
  6. This may be a stupid question, but what do the abbreviations stand for? :shame:
  7. Not stupid...I was wondering the same thing.;)
  8. me too!!

    maybe willing to sell, willing to buy, willing to trade?
  9. :shame:

    yeah im no good with just letters!!! :shame:
  10. The WTB/WTS sounds good, also see what a consignment shop might give you. Probably wont be the best price though.
  11. :lol: glad you asked-I was wondeing also!!
  12. I think it means, what to buy and what to sell?
  13. Yupyup

    WTS = want to sell

    WTB = want to buy

    WTT = want to trade

    another one that you might see is

    LF = looking for
  14. Ohhh, okay! Thanks, that makes sense :shame:
  15. haha...yeah, the marketplace is a great place...i bought 2 bags from there in a span of 5 days.