Where do you sell your designer handbags?

  1. I want to sell several bags I've bought the past two years but a lot of the websites I know of don't accept coach, any suggestions? thank you!
  2. Hi LVoeletters....
    Thank You for starting this thread--I was wondering this very same thing just recently...I know what you mean when you mention that some of those sites don't accept Coach. Have you ever tried selling/had the time (that is) to sell on eBay or Craigslist...? Are they vintage or moden Coach--if I may ask...? I'll also look-around here and see if I can get any info and if I do--I'll post it here/reply as time allows me to (its gonna be a busy week for me but I'll try...).
    I have pondered about selling on my own on the Bay and Bonanza...but some of the "horror stories" here does put one off somewhat...i.e. buyer scams, etc. I really don't have time to deal with scammers, and I've been doing my research whenever I get the time in regards to selling my handbags...Anyways, please feel free to exchange thoughts and ideas, kay... :smile:
  3. Bag Borrow Or Steal will buy Coach bags, but I really think you're better off selling on CL, eBay, or Bonanza like fin2012 said. I don't think BBOS would give you near what the bags are worth. If you're worried about scams with eBay and Bonanza, CL is a great option. It's free to list, and you can meet your buyer in person somewhere...no worries about scams that way, because once the item and cash have changed hands, the deal is done.
  4. Ann's Fabulous Closeouts also accepts Coach but ITA nc.girl I think you would get more for your bags on eBay and Bonanza. HTH
  5. If you have any shops like ClothesMentor in your area, why not try them? They buy recent Coach styles. I've sold several new-ish bags and even a few that were 5 or 6 years old. You may not get what you might on Ebay but there's no hassle with unhappy or PITA buyers either.

    If ClothesMentor doesn't have any stores in your area maybe someone can suggest a similar chain?
  6. Just out of curiosity, how much can you expect to get from a used bag at somewhere like ClothesMentor or a consignment shop? For instance, if I traded in a bag that originally cost $300, would I get about 20% of that or less? I don't use Ebay, and I'm wondering if it's even worth the time to try and sell something locally at a store.
  7. I would be very cautious about meeting someone in person from CL. That to me is much more unsafe than selling on eBay, but to each his own.

  8. I've never heard of ClothesMentor, thank you Hyacinth! I'm happy to see there are 2 locations here in Missouri. I'll have to check them out!
  9. lol.wow..there is one like 15 min frm my house and never even knew it existed lol..nice! I just called them and she said they probably have over 50 coach purses in stock at the moment ranging anywhere from $15 and up...all in excellent condition as they dont accept anything in bad condition..some vintage and the rest pretty stylish and new..so will have to go stop by and look thanks!!!
  10. They have almost all recent Coach style numbers in their computer system and I think they base their buying prices on maybe half ? of the lowest price on file from the outlets. They'll tell you how they determine their prices if you ask the manager.

    It's not going to be a huge amount of money but at least you get a check right away and don't have to wait for a potential buyer.

    For anyone worried about meeting strangers who answered a Craiglist ad, you can always suggest they look over and pay for your bag at the local police station. Just an idea.
  11. I have no problems meeting someone off CL, but I always ask them to meet in public places so that myself and the buyer can feel safe. If someone wants to meet somewhere where there aren't too many people around, I politely decline or offer up a meeting spot that I'm more comfortable with. My bf goes with me as well. You just have to have a few safeguards for your personal protection in place if you plan on meeting someone.

    I do get what you're saying though. It wasn't too long ago that an older couple was killed when they went to meet a man off CL who said he was interested in buying their car.
  12. If you're looking to make money - CL, ebay, bonanza. If you're looking for super quick turnover - consignment.

    I met my CL buyer at a police station when I sold concert tickets on CL. It's the safest place for anything over $100, IMO. Anything else, I usually meet at the Starbucks in the front of Target... all of the public can see and most times there is a security guard/police near the front doors in case anything goes wrong.
  13. For any CL exchanges, I always ALWAYS bring my BF or at least friend and never go alone. I also meet in public areas like in a Starbucks or at the mall where there's a lot of people.

    But selling on eBay may be your best bet -- I wouldn't sell to consignment shops
  14. Those are all good points.
  15. I never had any problems selling my bags on eBay.