Where do you see the obsession going?

  1. What are we all going to do when the Tokidoki Lesportsac collaboration is over? This winter, right? What will you spend that tokidoki money on instead? Will you branch off into the toys and such, or what other purses did you buy before the tokidoki obsession? Lol.

    As for myself I had never bought an expensive purse until I stumbled upon Tokidoki...
  2. well i have a vey obsessive personality....and i just naturally spend a lot of money in general...its just currently i am focusing all of my money on tokidoki at the moment..but before I was into pullip dolls, then tarina tarantino jewelry...but none of them was as expensive as tokidoki bags lolz..and i've been into vinyl toys for a while..and clothes and the possibilities are endless....spending never stops!!!
  3. I used to pour most of my extra cash into collecting manga, but lately its just been tokidoki!
  4. I use to spend my money on clothes, jewelry and other purses. Actually I still do that on top of the Toki but not as much. I'm hoping once the Toki obsession is over I'll be able to start saving a little bit.
  5. for me, just mainly shopping for clothes :p nothing big, unless i REALLY REALLY like what i see hahaha

    maybe after the tokidoki and lesportsac collab, i'll FINALLY start saving up money again xP
  6. Shoes, Shoes, and more shoes! lol But I'm sureSimone will end up doing another colab. It's not the last time we'll see him.
  7. It will probably go to the Tokidoki x Hello Kitty collaboration. :p
    After that, I'll probably go back to clothes.
  8. What kind of stuff will they have for the hello kitty collaboration? When is that?
  9. As far as I know it would only be jewelry and clothing.
  10. hm... I dunnos. I like the bags the most, really. I might continue to buy some tshirts/jewelry if he puts out new stuff. and I recently started getting all the toys, so I guess I will get those... but I think I will try and switch back to saving/spending on clothes... I think my clothing budget has suffered bc of tokidoki... so now I have a million new bags but all old clothes!! haha!!
  11. I will definitely be spending even more money on the tokidoki x hello kitty collaboration.
  12. probably I will collect the next tokidoki collaboration too, other than that, probably i'll save for other purses too
  13. I feel the same way... I don't even have time to look for clothes- it's always TOOOOOKKKKKKKKKKIIIII.........
  14. oh yeah, forget it! when that comes out, im screwed! my bank account is gonna be crying & my credit cards will melt :nuts:
  15. after this collaboration...i think thats it..unless i see something cute in the next collaboration with hello kitty...im not into hello kitty that much, so i hope he tosses in other sanrio characters..