Where do you rank coach ?

  1. I would like to know ,where do you rank coach against your other favorite designers bags?

    mine are-

    1. Bottega Veneta

  2. Mine are...

    1.Louis Vuitton
    3.Dooney and Bourke
  3. Mine is: Coach

    Haven't gotten into anything more costly. I do love the Hermes Kelly bag.
  4. Coach, followed by Dooney. However, I would really love to buy a Chanel.
  5. I was sooooooooooooo in love with Dooney, but after being on this forum, I am back with Coach. Repeat after me, "Peer pressure is alive and well!":p
  6. 1. LV
    2. Coach
    3. Fendi
    4. Chloe

    Of course, these rankings always flip flop with me... ;)
  7. Coach is my number 1 right now, because I have yet to purchase my LV speedy. I am 5'0, but I carry a lot of stuff. When I can get her (the LV), I am really thinking about a speedy 30.
  8. 1. LV- Icon
    2. Hermes - but over rated I think
    3. Coach
    4. Balenciaga
    5. Gucci
  9. I don't rank, I just buy whatever appeals to me.
  10. I guess I would say:

    1. LV
    6.Some that I have'nt gotten to try yet..................
  11. oh, I couldn't say...same as aarti
  12. i mean at the most I can say what I like best?

    for rocker chic casual yet structured bags I like balenciaga
    for structured class I like chanel
    and for accessories I like coach
  13. Not in any order as far as rank but I like:
    Marc by MJ
    Michael by MK
    Anna Corinna (really just my Lady Duffle)
  14. Mine is #1 is Coach, primarily because I like more than just their handbags. After that I'm wide open because I just love handbags in general.
  15. #1 Coach..I love there style, accessories, & they are affordable
    2 Louis Vuitton
    3 Dooney & Bourke
    I love Chanel but don't own anything yet