Where do you put your Vasoline?

  1. Recently, on the Tyra Banks show she literally was a "nut case" when she gave all the audience vasoline. Claiming that was her beauty secret for everything. So, where do you all put vasoline (if you use it)? And, is it truely a beauty secret? I''ve only used vasoline on my feet at night, put a pair of socks on, and my feet are smooth the next morning.
  2. on my lips

    on my feet

    I can't believe Tyra was so cheap she gave her audience Vaseline....
  3. vasoline is disgusting!!! that gooey sticky thing. puke puke.
  4. She gave them "blinged" vasoline if you watch the video of it you can see. She was jumping all over the place screaming and then threw herself on the floor...Nutcase is an understatement IMO
  5. Heels,
    Nails (v.important it actually 'conditions' your nails)

    Not on lip because I carry my La Mer lip balm but if I'm desperate I probably will as well.

    Although other people would use it for more risqué purpose, LOL.
  6. What is "blinged" Vasoline?

    She tries way too hard!
  7. lol I don't even use it. at all.
  8. The container was decorated with rhinestones. It was really cute, but still---it was just Vaseline. I'm just not a fan of it.
  9. I put it on my twins' bottoms every night! :biggrin:
  10. Ditto
  11. it's actually great for my hair! the ends, as a styling product.. i have thick frizzy dry-looking ends, and this makes it shiny and soft looking, without being stiff or sticky at all... so it works better than any other hair product for this purpose..
  12. The only time I use it is if my nose/lips are chapped after riding my horse:smile:
  13. i put it on my lips - then top off with nars lip gloss. i bought the small tube, so it's always on my purse.
  14. I've heard Vaseline is good for styling hair too...
  15. What does anyone need a rhinestone covered vaseline container for? :confused1: :weird:

    Btw, I only use it when I'm dying my hair. I put it on my face and neck all around my hairline to prevent the dye from getting on and staining my skin.