Where do you put your sunnies when...

  1. ...you carry a small purse (demi/small flap)?
    I am trying to decide if I am going to keep the Small Cotton Denim Carly or the Chelsea Small Flap but I cannot fit my new Sunnies in either of them (with the case). So...where do you all put YOUR Sunglasses when you carry a small bag???
  2. When I carry my demi I usually hang my sunnies from the brass O-Ring at the base of the strap that connects it to the bag, you know what I'm talking about? I slide one of the arms of the sunglasses through and they fold and hang there perfectly and look good!
  3. i just leave my sunglasses on my head..if my purse is too small
  4. i leave mine on my head too :smile:
  5. I leave mine on my head, the case is in secure compartment in my car.:tup:
  6. Thanks! I figured on those options - great ideas. :tup: I just wonder if anyone has an ideas for fitting them INSIDE, safely without risking getting scratches. - like a 'soft case' or something less-bulky than the Coach case that comes with the Sunnies.

    BTW...I think after all my 'drama' with trying to decide about the Cotton Sig items from the outlet I am going to stick with the Chelsea Small Flap I got with PCE. I just like it and it is the most versatile and can be carried year-round. Just thought I'd add that tidbit to THIS post. :smile:
  7. I do like Sarah and hang mine at the base of the strap. Hangs perfectly!
  8. Sounds CUTE!!:tup:
  9. I leave mine on my head!
  10. I leave mine on my head too.
  11. I do the all that too, but there are soft bags for glasses made of the same material as the cleaning cloths. I always use one, I don't carry the case.
  12. THAT is what I was looking for...in case it's cloudy (or NIGHT) and I need a place to put them but don't want them to get scratched. Does COACH carry these soft cases or do you get them somewhere else?
  13. Hmm, I don't know where to get soft cases. I know Oakley sunglasses come with soft cases. I'll do a google search.
  14. On top of everything else or my head. For the most part I carry a bag with the 2 side pockets and stick them in one of those.
  15. I wear mine on my head too.