Where do you put your LV bags in the airplane?

  1. So a few months ago i was coming back from vacation via airplane, carrying my newly bought LV bag. Inside the plane, as I was settling down and getting ready for the take off, I was relaxing with the LV bag on my lap. Then, the flight attendant/hostess/whatever came and told me to put my bag on the top compartment. I was like nooo...because I had my necessities in there (makeup,eyedrops,lipgloss,lotion etc) that I needed DURING the flight and I didn't want to go through the trouble of having to open the compartment later on whent he flight took off (i like my necessities nearby and accessable). SO, the flight attendant told ME to put it on the FLOOR UNDERNEATH THE CHAIR. You gotta understand i just got the bag like a day before so I didn't want to put my precious lil baby on the floor!! I mean who knows what dirty stuff dropped there or HOW many people's dirty shoes stepped on it!??? I was also afraid of scratching it (both the leather and the shiny lock)..so i was reluctant. But she looked like she was about to throw me off the plane so I put on a face and carefully stuffed it underneath the seat. :cursing: I was about going crazy at that moment... and throughout the whole flight i was pissed off and angry at the flight attendants. I don't understand what was wrong with putting it on the lap... its NOT even a HUGE luggage or something!!
    What about you guys? Where do you put your LV bags in the airplane?
  2. I'll get a towel or that small blanket they pass out and put it on the floor and put my bag on top of it during the take off. Then once we're up in the air, I'll hug my bag to sleep. :lol:
  3. I don't fly very often, but the last time I did I put my bag under the seat in front of me.
  4. In the blankie, on the floor, under the seat in front of me.....only when I have too, after take-off it is my cuddly lapdog.
  5. Yeah, that's the problem with flights...They have certain rules which we must obey, and even if the seat next to me is empty they won't let me place my bags there. I always place my LV bag under the seat in front of me and try not to think about what could have accumulated on that carpet. Anyway, when I travel I never take my most precious or favourite LV bag with me, I'm too afraid of it getting scratched or dirty with so many potential people handling it (x-rays etc.), and I really hate that!

    Well, the best place to put it really is under the seat in front of you. Never put it in the overhead compartment, as other people's bags/suitcases may shift during the flight and squish your beloved LV!
  6. I pack the purse and then air travel with LV backpack and that thing is tough.
    It lands on the floor.
  7. I put it under the floor too or sometimes if the seat is empty next to me. Surprisingly not too many times did a flight attendant order me to put it away although they sometimes do.
  8. The flight attendant was just following airline policy. The reason you cannot have something on your lap during take off is that in the event of an emergency the items literally become projectiles, in addition to potentially impeding someone's abiity to exit the aircraft.

    So although it seems like she was being annoying and an LV hater, she was simply doing what it took to make sure people are safe.

    Perhaps you can take some material and sew up a little dustbag just for this purpose (or steal a pillowcase from the hotel...haha just kidding). That way you can put it under the seat without concern and still have the ability to access it mid-flight. :smile:
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  9. ^^seconding this. It's a safety rule that EVERYONE, not just the LV bag-owners, must adhere to. I put my bags on the floor. And I always use LV bags for traveling. The reason being is that I don't have to baby them, they can just be wiped off if any dirt gets on them, and they are very hardy. There is a reason why LV bags are considered classics, and it's not about their style, it's about their endurance. so don't worry about it.

    And always be nice to your flight attendants. EVERYONE gives them a hard time, and it's their job to make sure passengers are safe according to the rules of air travel, it doesn't help anyone to claim exemption from those rules.
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  10. I put my LV in a nice clean modest sized shopping bag so it is not clumsy. When it goes through security screening I just put the shopping bag into one of those flat wide containers so my bag doesnt touch anything but the shopping bag unless of course, they want to take a look at it. On the flight, my lv remains in the shopping bag and I put the shopping bag under the seat in front of me. Perfectly clean at all times. If you have a window seat and your bag is not huge I sometimes wedge it between the wall and myself.
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  11. co signing - it's about safety. everything needs to be stowed away for takeoff and landing in case you need to make an emergency landing and evacutate. :sweatdrop:

    next time you could take your dustbage or even use a plastic bag if you forget :yes:
  12. I just put them on the floor. I check to make sure the area is clean though, such as no food/gum or whatever that will leave dirt or stains on my bag. Afterall, it's just a bag...:shrugs:
  13. It's not the flight attendants fault. She was just following safety rules and I for one am GLAD they have these rules because in the event of an emergency I'd really rather not have anyone's bag come flying at my face.

    Not trying to sound rude AT ALL....but in the big picture....your need for lip gloss really doesn't compare to my need (or anyone elses) to not get hit in the face with a bag if there's an emergency. You are only required to stow your bag in the compartments or under the seat during take off and landing (which isn't much time at all).

    I'd say if you're that worried about your LV bag then just leave it at home when you fly and take a bag that you don't mind sitting on the floor or in the overhead compartments. It'll make you much less stressed when you fly and make life easier for the flight attendants that have to enforce these rules. ;)
  14. Someone really got thrown out of a plane because she refused to stuff her Gucci bag in the overhead compartment or under the seat and delayed the takeoff for an hour. simply unnecessary.
  15. You gotta remember, LVs are tough...they survived the Titanic! On my way back from London, I put my 3-day-old Damier Speedy under the seat in front of me with no hesitation. She emerged without a scratch!