Where Do You Put Your "Clochette" and "Lock" ?

  1. Hi ladies and Gentlemen..

    I was wondering about the placement and your preffered location for your CLOCHETTE and H LOCK on Birkin & HAC (All Size)
    I've seen the Clochette placement on FRONT and some on BACK, with the H LOCK placed in the loop of the Clochette, dangling freely or the H Lock, simply placed on the turnkey.
    I have heard numerous issues about the "SMILEY" effect when placing the H LOCK on the turnkey hole for a while. If this is an occurence on your Birkins/HAC..please do share.
    Also..I have found that there are 2 Keys in the Clochette. Do you take the duplicate key and keep it for a back-up or LEAVE BOTH KEYS in the Clochette?
    What I have done, I use the MINI H Pouch where the Clochette and Key are and leave the H Lock and Duplicate Key in it. Granted, I haven't used my Bag yet...
    Im just wondering where you ladies and gentlemen put your Clochette and Keys.

    Thanks! H.O.
  2. I don't use it at all, leave all at home. It's too heavy.
  3. I have a Birkin and I hang the clochette on the back. I don't keep one key at home. I like to keep my straps closed and locked with the lock. I do have a "smiley face",but I don't mind.
  4. I just removed one key,and I am going to leave it at home. Thanks for getting me thinking.
  5. This is interesting I would find it easier with photos am struggling to imagine the ways

    ( prob caused by lack of brain cells )
  6. I hang the clochette with the lock in the loop dangling in the front. I usually substitute the standard lock with one of my other cadenas.
  7. duchessofs: Its good to keep the duplicate KEY for safekeeping, in case of losing/breaking the first Key.

    ardneish: You Brought out a good Point! Therefore...

    LADIES and GENTLEMEN..Please POST PICS of Your CLOCHETTE/LOCK..I would really like to see a variety of placement and looks!!

    THANKS! H.O.
  8. I Do Just The Same!
  9. Hermes Only, I have a habit of putting my bags back into their respective orange boxes when I am done with them. So you can imagine the routine I go into each time I want to use a different bag. Over time, I have streamlined my "H operation". I just don't use them anymore. :lol:Except on occasions when I have a bit more time, which isn't a whole lot these days. In fact, I have been using the same birkin for a long time now, and my SA actually asked what happened to all my bags!
  10. Clochette and lock in front with 2 keys inside.
    Now, use that gorgeous graphite already!!!:yes:
  11. Hermes Only, I also hang in in front, but I kept checking to see if it was still there as it kept sliding down. When I visited the store, the lovely SM showed me how to secure it, after you loop the clochette the normal way (ease clochette gently through the opening in the leather), hook the padlock through the opening & around the strap & lock in place. This stops it from sliding & I could use it in peace. This may have come naturally for some, but I had to be shown. Most days, I just leave the clochette/padlock at home.....
  12. Ditto for the JPG. As for the birkin...:shame:
  13. Clochette and lock in front, with keys in the clochette. But this post got me thinking, and since I HAVE actually lost the clochette and keys to my locked bag once, I think I might start leaving one key at home in case it ever happens again. That time, I had to bring the bag to Claude and have the lock cut off, but I'm still waiting for a replacement clochette, almost 4 months later.
  14. Thanks, perfect. I had to read this a couple times to get it (because I can be slow about these things), and it worked like a charm. :tup:
  15. Encore Hermes, I'm glad it worked, I just worry too much about losing the clochette set, the cost will be a nuisance,both time & financial!