Where do you put your bags??

  1. I have a Cabas Mezzo on it's way to me, so I'm already thinking of ways to protect the vachetta bottom. My main concern is in my car---I have an SUV, two kids and a DH. When we all ride together I'm often the one driving, so where do I put my bag? My DH will not want to hold my big ole bag for me. Even though I keep my car very clean I don't want to put my bag on the floor. So.........any suggestions? What do you all do with your bags when you have a full car load??
  2. Maybe you could get an extra dustbag and use it just for that purpose in the car?

    Congrats in advance on your CM!!
  3. Do you carry a blanket in your car? you could set it on that maybe.
  4. Both of those suggestions are great!! Thanks!
  5. congrats on your new bag!!!!
  6. I keep mine next to me in my car while driving. If it's a large bag, it's a bit crowded, but I know my bag is safe that way. If it's a Speedy, it goes to my right though I have to move it to put the car in reverse, drive, etc. If it's more if a tote style, then it sits to my left but I hold on to it before I open the car door, lol.
  7. if i put mine to my left, i'd totally drop it on the floor when i opened the door! :sweatdrop:I used to put my cell in my lap and i would always get up out of the car and my cell always landed on concrete:push:
  8. Make hubby hold it what i say. JK. Could you set it in the thrunk on something?
  9. few ideas, this is where my bags sit as well.
    023.jpg lv in his own seat.jpg
  10. I'd make the hubby hold it. :p
    I agree with using a dustbag or blanket under it. On occasion, I've held a bag in my lap but it's not safe as it makes steering awkward.
  11. hehe all great ideas, i dont like putting my babies on the floor!
  12. Thank you for the pictures!! I will have to try that and see how it feels.
    Thanks to everyone who gave me some great ideas:tup:
  13. I hold mine own.
    When Im driving I put it to the left of me.

    But, when my mom drives, she lets me hold them.

    Except for the Hermes Birkins, they go in the trunk for some reason.
  14. I guess we need to design a car seat specifically for the LV babies!!!:lol:
  15. LOL....I'm sure those would be a big seller!