Where do you put your bag when you get home?

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  1. Hi Purse Friends!

    I wanted to hear where everyone puts their bags when they get home. Do you set it on a chair, the couch, or in a closet?

    I really want to find a nice spot to store my bag when I walk in the door, so I'm hoping some of you can give me your suggestions!
  2. Hi!
    So far I only have one really nice bag, my new-to-me Coach Edie, and as soon as I get home from work, I take my bag upstairs to my bedroom. The upstairs is the only area where our dog can't get to it, and she has already "eaten" all three of my kids' lunch bags, several shoes, and ripped open a package which contained a Fossil handbag. I am not taking any chances with my new love!
  3. Depending on what I'm carrying with me on a particular day, I usually plop it down on the loveseat since it's nearest to the door. I then take it upstairs in the bedroom and set it down on a table by the dresser. This way, I can just grab it and go when heading out. The only bags that are kept in the closet and in their dustbags are ones that are not in rotation.
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  4. After using my bag, I put it on a chair in my bedroom, air it for a few days before stuffing it with tissue and keeping it in my closet.
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  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460185660.241718.jpg

    I plop it right on the floor :smile:
  6. I have a bench in my foyer,so that is usually the place my bag goes...
  7. Thanks for all the responses ladies! I've been keeping mine on the couch the past few days - it's impossible to put it somewhere where my cat won't get fur on it!
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  8. It depends on the bag I'm using. If I plan to continue to use the bag for the next few days, I either put it on the kitchen table or I place it on top of the bachelor chest in the living/family room for quick access in case I have to go out again. If I'm not going anywhere else, I will take it back to my bedroom & set it on top of the dresser or in the chair by the bed. When I go to bed, I take it back to my bedroom if it's not already there. If I'm going to change out my purse, I will take it to one of the guest rooms, check it over & let it air out for a few days before I stuff it, place it in it's dustbag, & place it on the shelf in the closet.
  9. i have wood end tables next to the bed and they each have a lower shelf, so my bag goes on the lower shelf in my room. easy access, private and not in the living area, shaded, and not on the floor.
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  10. I live in a little apartment, so I don't have much space to play around with. I also tend to use small-sized bags, since I don't need to take a carry-all to work. The bag(s) that I'm using have their own layer on a small glass display shelf in my living room. Usually there are only three there at a time, so it doesn't get too cluttered. When I get home, I usually leave the bag on an armchair so that's safe until I get around to putting it away on the shelf. I don't mind putting the bag on the floor at times, but not for long since I'm afraid I might kick it or accidentally crush it!

    The bags that aren't in use are kept in their dustbags on a shelf in my bedroom. If I have bags in the living room that haven't been used for a few days, those are the ones that get repacked into their dustbags. I didn't stuff my first pebbled leather bag when I stored it.. The poor thing got terribly wrinked! After that, I've always been rather particular about their care and storage.
  11. Inside entry closet, hanging from back of door.
    I nailed on a picture hanger, rated to support bag weight:

    Then attached a heavy duty swivel plant hook:

    Hook's small end fits onto picture hanger.
    Big end swivels to hold bag.
    Wrapped hook in ribbon, recycled from boutique packaging, to protect /cushion bag handles.

    I find this not only hides bag from unwanted visitors--but keeps it handy & clean.
    Would work to use over-the-door hook instead. If prefer.

    Hope helps.
  12. I sometimes put mine on the floor just inside my front door by the shoe rack. When it's not there it's perched like a supermodel on the sofa, never just dumped there but placed nicely. If I have too many visitors that require a seat I grudgingly put it on the floor beside the sofa.
  13. I have a shelf near the staircase that I place my bag on. A couple weeks ago I left one of my cross bodies hanging on a chair in my dining room and sometime during the night one of my cats decided to sink his teeth into it in a couple of spots.
    Oh, and to the those of you that place your purse on the floor, I'm Hispanic and in our culture there is a belief, especially with the older women, that you never, ever place a purse on the floor. I was always told doing so will cause you to run out of money!
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  14. I store the majority of my bags in my chest of drawers that have all my accessories in (hats, gloves, scarves...)

    However since getting my MK bag I've decided it's best to store it in the dust bag at the bottom of my wardrobe there is plenty of room so it doesn't get squashed or damaged. :smile: I'm slightly babying it at the moment. :blush:
  15. I usually put mine on the ottoman in the living room and then later move it to a trunk we have in the bedroom.