where do you put your bag at work?

  1. this drives me NUTS everyday, and i'm thinking of buying a purse hook. i don't like putting my bag on my desk, especially since its kind of small. i don't like putting it on the floor. i made a cardboard "shrine" next to my chair and put usually keep my bbag city there...i work in a high traffic office, so theres usually people walking around around my desk, so i don't want it so close to the ground where it can be kicked. where do you put your bag?
  2. Usually on the guest chair in my office, but sometimes on top of my printer under my desk. I used to have a wall hook that I hung it on, but I just moved into a different office and haven't put one up yet. If you have your own office, how about a coat rack? I've heard of gals putting theirs in a drawer in their desks, too.
  3. Does your desk have any drawers? Or maybe you can put that cardboard box next to your feet underneath the desk. I have an office, so I don't have a space issue. But usually, I put it in a drawer anyway.
  4. I have a large 3M wall hook next to my desk in my office. I usually hang my bag on there, if the bag is particularly heavy that day, I'll also put a box of files underneath it to support it so that the handles don't get too stretched out. Otherwise, if I have to bring in 2 bags that day, I'll set the other one on the guest chair as well.
  5. thanks! my drawers are full...i have so much paperwork and literature that i store in my desk!! the coat rack or a hook are definitely worth considering. especially since i often bring in more than one bag for meetings and as winter approaches, i can hang up my coats and sweaters!
  6. I have a big L-shaped desk, so my goes on the leg of the "L" that I don't use. That way, I can gaze over at her admiringly when I'm on a call. hehe

    Is there a shelf unit above your desk you could put your bag in? I also worry about stress on the handles if you leave it hanging on a hook.
  7. I always put mine in the biggest drawer that I have at my desk, I even lined it with some colored paper so the bottom doesn't get scratched or anything. I never leave my purse out where others can see it. Even though I work in a safe enviroment, you can't trust everyone and I would die if anything was stolen. That way the bag and my stuff is safe!
  8. My desk has actually got a hidden compartment for storing bags in - I'm serious! We also have these little cupboards on wheels that are padded on top to use as extra seats!
    I usually just put it on the floor though, so I can get in and out of it easily. It's got it's own clean little corner. If I didn't have a special drawer I might have considered putting it in a regular drawer but my biggest one is filled with shoes!
  9. I do the same thing. I have a small file cabinet under my desk at work and store it there. I recently moved to a new work area and the filing cabinet has one fewer drawer than before so I actually got a folder rack and store most of my files on my desk so I can make room for my purse.
  10. Mine sits on a big clean fluffy towel under my desk. Safe and sound!
  11. I put mine on my desk - which is large L shape - and everyone around me is trustworthy so it's safe there.
  12. on my desk~ i have a large L-shaped desk too~ and my collegues are great~ if we all have to into a meeting then in it goes to my filing cabinet (where i keep my junk food~ magazines...etc :sweatdrop: )
  13. I put mine on a shelf that's inside a huge walk-in safe. Only 3 people are allowed in the safe so I know it's fine in there.
  14. Same with where I work! The drawer I have is called a Pelican (sp?) drawer; it looks really thin at the edge, but when you pull it out, it has this huge area that dips down where you can put your bag. And we have those little drawers that have the padded top too ... you can roll them around ... they're so cool!
  15. On the floor! I love the look of my uber fab handbag, just sitting casually. It shows it is a natural part of my life and that I am supposedly above such a thing as an obsession.